How can I learn Italian audio?

Best Audio and Podcasts to Learn Italian

  1. News in Slow Italian.
  2. Learn Italian Pod.
  3. Coffee Break Italian.
  4. Eye on Italy.
  5. ItalianPod101.
  6. ItalianLingQ.
  7. Finestre sull’arte.
  8. Al Dente.

Does Duolingo have audio lessons for Italian?

Yes. Unlike some of Duolingo’s new features, which are exclusive to Duolingo Plus users, Audio Lessons are completely free.

What is the easiest way to learn Italian?

Learning with the help of various audio materials will make you more productive and is one of the best ways to learn Italian on your own. You will get familiar with the most common phrases and will learn the basics of the language with ease. By listening to native Italian speakers will also learn how to pronounce Italian words correctly.

Where can I learn Italian for free?

Online Courses And Apps. Lots of apps,software and online courses help you learn Italian for free and on your own schedule.

  • Language Exchange And Tandem Partners.
  • Media Resources.
  • Library Books And Public Resources.
  • Immersion Learning.
  • How to learn Italian free?

    Muzzy BBC. Muzzy BBC is a wonderful resource for teaching Italian to children of any age.

  • The picture dictionary. The picture dictionary is a free online resource which is perfect for teaching your children some Italian words.
  • The Italian Experiment.
  • Chillola.
  • What is the best Italian language course?

    Italian Uncovered. Fed up of textbooks?

  • Italy Made Easy. Most courses benefit from being paired with supplementary resources,perhaps to expand your vocabulary or get more listening practice.
  • Coffee Break Languages.
  • Pimsleur.
  • Babbel.
  • News in Slow Italian.
  • Ripeti Con Me.
  • Grammar Hero.
  • Ouino.
  • Rocket Italian.