How can we save gregal?

The Portal leads to a limited portion of the Home of the Wind Tribe, where Link finds Gregal in his bed. Link can draw the Ghost into the Gust Jar, saving Gregal’s life; if he speaks to Gregal, he will be rewarded with 100 Mysterious Shells.

How do you swim in Minish Cap?

In order to get the Flippers in The Minish Cap, Link needs to complete the mini-quest to get the three books and return them to the Library. Link can climb the books to get to the Minish here and he will drop Link down into a cave-like area. Link can then navigate his way to the Flippers.

How do you beat the Palace of the Winds?

Use the Boomerang to knock the enemy out of the sky, and jump across again. Defeat the two enemies and jump to the platform with the stairs. Climb up and go into the next area. Climb up the clouds and jump across the large gap to the platform across from the clouds.

Where is Gregal in Minish Cap?

the Cloud Tops
Gregal is an old member of the Wind Tribe in The Minish Cap, who used to be a famous hero in his youth. He can be visited in his home on the Cloud Tops if Link makes a Kinstone Fusion with a certain Wind Tribe member in Hyrule Town, which will open up a portal to it.

How do you get flippers in Minish Cap?

How do you wake up mushroom?

He can obtain the mushroom from the Witch’s Hut in the Minish Woods. Once he has it, Link must waft the Wake-Up Mushroom beneath the nose of Rem, who wakes up instantly. He adds the finishing touch to the Pegasus Boots and gives them to Link, who in turn needs these to cross the Castor Wilds.

How do you get Roc’s Cape in Minish Cap?

  1. Oracle of Seasons. The Roc’s Cape is an upgrade to the Roc’s Feather in Oracle of Seasons. It is found in the Explorer’s Crypt and allows Link to glide through the air.
  2. Four Swords. Roc’s Capes can be found randomly on Item Podiums throughout Hyrule.
  3. The Minish Cap. Roc’s Cape is located in the Palace of Winds.

How do I get the Ocarina of Wind in Minish Cap?

The Ocarina of Wind is obtained at the top of the Fortress of Winds after defeating Mazaal. By playing it, Link can call Zeffa to travel to any Wind Crest he has found.

How do you get out of the Dark Hyrule Castle in Minish Cap?

Defeat the Stalfos, Wizzrobes, and Mini-Moldorms if you’d like. Walk by the staircase for now, and instead head up to find a larger treasure chest containing the Dungeon Map! Now return to the staircase and climb up to get to the first floor. At this point you have the option to leave Dark Hyrule Castle.