How did Peg Leg Porker lose his leg?

Carey Bringle, aka The Peg Leg Porker, is a hardworking BBQ entrepreneur. He comes by his nickname honestly, having lost a leg to bone cancer while still a teenager, but he doesn’t let this slow him down one bit.

Why is it called Peg Leg Porker?

10Best Says. The first thing one will notice about the Peg Leg Porker barbecue restaurant is its name, which derived from owner Carey Bringle, who survived an aggressive form of bone cancer that took his right leg. This experience caused Bringle to change his world outlook and seize every opportunity that he could.

Who owns the Peg Leg Porker?

Carey and Delaniah Bringle
Peg Leg Porker is a family owned and operated restaurant and catering company owned by Carey and Delaniah Bringle. Carey started catering around 10 years ago and opened the restaurant in 2013.

Does Peg Leg Porker have parking?

Yes, but it is very limited. Plenty of on street parking though. over a year ago.

What kind of BBQ is Nashville known for?

One can’t go wrong with the beef brisket, wings, or wet and dry ribs, but the whole hog pulled pork barbecue sandwich is the quintessential Martin’s order, and it’s tough to beat. Pro tip: while the Redneck Tacos are a longtime favorite, do not miss out on the barbecue bologna sandwich or the brisket burger.

Does Peg Leg Porker serve alcohol?

Straight Tennessee Bourbon. Peg Leg Porker Bourbon is the signature bourbon from Award Winning Pitmaster, Carey Bringle. Having a deep love for bourbon and appreciation for the fact that bourbon and BBQ pair together so well, Carey Bringle is the first Pitmaster in the US to start his own bourbon brand.

When did Peg Leg Porker open?

Husband-and-wife duo Delaniah and Carey Bringle opened Peg Leg Porker in 2013.

Is Peg Leg Porker Dickel?

After I did the actual smell and taste test, I verified that Peg Leg Porker is sourced from George Dickel. Let’s dive into this Peg Leg Porker Tennessee Bourbon review to find out how much I enjoy my first experience with it.