How did the man in black turn into smoke?

He tried to harness the power of the Light to leave, but his adoptive mother thwarted his plans and killed all the survivors in his village. He, in turn, killed her in a rage. Jacob took revenge by casting him into the Heart of the Island, which transformed him into the Smoke Monster.

What is the Man in Black’s name?

Here’s one answer that won’t cost you the price of Lost’s secrets-revealing season-six DVD set: According to E!’s Kristin Dos Santos, the Man in Black had a name in the script, but Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse opted not to disclose it on the show. It was Samuel. This explains everything!

Does Locke become a smoke monster?

Outside the chamber, survivors from Flight 316 arrive at the campsite, where they present Richard Alpert with a box containing Locke’s body, which was found in the plane’s cargo hold. It is then revealed that Locke is in fact dead and the Smoke Monster has been impersonating him since his return to the island.

Did Jack become the smoke monster?

Jack did not become a monster Jacob killed his brother and “fed” the smoke monster the body by accident. This gave the smoke a form to use so he could escape. Jacob’s brother died, but the monster merely used his body. Jack killed the monster.

When did the smoke monster become Locke?

When the Oceanic Six came back to the island in season 5, they brought with them the body of John Locke, who had been murdered by Ben (Michael Emerson). The smoke monster then assumed Locke’s form, and manipulated the survivors into joining forces with him.

Who was the smoke monster before John Locke?

Before the Oceanic Six returned to the island in season 5, Christian Shephard served as the smoke monster’s primary disguise. He used this disguise when appearing to Claire (Emile de Ravin), Michael (Harold Perrineau), and Locke.

Why did Jack not turn into a smoke monster?

Therefore the open hole, without something to keep the darkness in (according to Jacob’s metaphor) caused MiB’s change into the smoke monster. The cork was built to prevent this from happening again, and since Jack put it back in place, he would not turn into a smoke monster.