How do I activate Etisalat pay as you go?

Please dial *101*60# and use data at AED 1 per 20MB whenever you need, with a daily limit of AED 9.

Can I buy Etisalat SIM without Emirates ID?

People applying for a new SIM card must submit their Emirates identity card or passport as labour card or driving licence will no longer be accepted, according to new rules by the UAE’s telecommunication regulators.

How can I get international minutes on Etisalat?


  1. Dial *135*80# and select your country.
  2. Choose from daily, weekly or monthly plans.
  3. Get up to 2,000 international minutes.

How do I activate Etisalat international call offer?

International Calling Offer

  1. By dialling *101*24#
  2. By texting the subscription codes below to 1012: DI50 – China, Egypt (Etisalat) and Bangladesh. DI25 – India and Pakistan. DI20 – Nepal. DI15 – Philippines (Smart), Afghanistan (Roshan and Etisalat)
  3. By visiting your nearest Etisalat Business Centre or outlet.

How do I cancel my Etisalat pay as you go?

How can I manage my Start/Stop Data sessions?

  1. Dial *777*1# to START.
  2. Dial *777*2# to STOP.
  3. Dial *777*3# to CHECK.

How much is a SIM card in Dubai?

But how expensive are SIM cards in this country? You can get an Emirati SIM card for as low as 55 AED (15 USD) up to 99 AED (27 USD) in mobile operator stores (Etisalat – also for Swyp, Du & Virgin Mobile) or authorized dealers. SIM cards are also available at Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah airports.

Can Tourists buy SIM cards Dubai?

Residents can visit any of the sim card shops in Dubai with their Emirates ID card and select a plan that suits their needs best. Tourists can show their visa and passport to get a free sim card at the Dubai International Airport or to buy one from the shopping outlets in the city.

Which Sim is best in Dubai?

If you want to buy the best SIM card in the UAE, I recommend going with either Etisalat or Du. Etisalat is the fastest mobile network operator and has the best coverage. But it has a strict policy of only selling tourist SIM cards to short-term visitors.

How can I get 1000 international minutes on Etisalat?

How do I subscribe? – Dial *135*90# and follow the instructions. Once the subscription is active, you will enjoy 1000 Minutes in the monthly or 200 Minutes in the weekly pack.

How much does Etisalat charge for international calls?

International Calling Offer

List Main countries Rate/min (AED)*
List A Nepal* 0.32
List B India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Roshan Afghanistan** and etisalat Afghanistan** 0.38
List C Egypt, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Iran and other networks in Afghanistan 0.63
List D Nigeria, Philippines, Palestine and Jordan 0.95