How do I add effects to VirtualDJ 2021?


  1. Visit the Upload Add-ons page (you need to be logged in)
  2. Select Effect as the type of Add-on and choose one of the available categories.(required)
  3. Type a name for your Effect (required).
  4. Description, Image and Hastags.

How do DJS get sound effects?

Top 5 Places You Can Download DJ Sound Effects & Packs

  1. Motion Array. Motion Array is home to thousands of templates, motion graphics, sound effects, plugins, presets and more, that you can use in your own project.
  2. Artlist.
  3. Soundsnap.
  4. Sound Bible.
  5. Zapsplat.

What are the best DJ sound effects for sound effects?

Rewinds are a classic DJ sound effect that can easily be added to just about any project. With Rewind Pack you get 4 classic-sounding rewinds that you can choose from. 10. Record Vinyl Scratch 3-Pack With 3 variations to choose from, Record Vinyl Scratch 3-Pack is the perfect addition to your DJ sound effect experience.

Where can I download music and sound effects for my project?

Zapsplat has a few free sound effects and music that you can download for your own YouTube, TV, and film projects — but you’ll have to look at the details of their specific licence to find out what specifically you can and can’t do. Whether you’re looking for animal sounds or jazz music, they’ve got something for you.

What is the DJ airhorn sound effect?

The DJ Airhorn sound effect adds 3 different horn blasts that are perfect for your next set or video game. 6. Air DJ Horn Sound For those that want the air horn feels but are looking for something a little flashier, Air DJ Horn Sound is for you.

What are sound effects and how do they work?

Sound effects help draw the viewer’s attention to particular things and bring in an element of realism. These 15 DJ packs and sound effects might just be what you’re looking for.