How do I allocate licenses in Citrix?

Login to MyAccount ( ). Select Quick find: All active to see all licenses. Select the licenses you want to allocate. From the Select an action menu, choose Allocate licenses.

How do I find my Citrix license count?

Citrix License Server usage insights are available for all Virtual Apps and Desktops editions under the Concurrent and User/Device licensing models. To view Citrix License Server usage insights, select Licensing from the console menu and then select Licensed Deployments.

How many Citrix licenses do I have?

How to find licenses on My Account

  1. Navigate to and choose Sign in to My Account option , located on upper right hand corner of the page.
  2. Enter your login credentials.
  3. Select Manage Licenses.

What is License Server in Citrix?

the Citrix License Server is a lightweight component that can be installed on the same system as a Citrix product for smaller deployments, or on one or more dedicated systems for larger deployments. Each Citrix product environment must have at least one shared or dedicated license server.

How do I split my Citrix license?

How to submit a request for a Citrix license split

  1. A Citrix License Adjustment form signed by a non-restricted/current account contact (My Account full access)
  2. Account must have a Current or Registered contract.
  3. Account Org ID.
  4. Product Name.
  5. Split Quantities.
  6. Business reason for split request.

How do I change my Citrix license server?

Under Citrix Computer Policies, select Edit. On the Identify your policy page, select Next. On the left side of the screen, under Categories, select Licensing. On the right side of the window, find License server port and select Edit.

How do I find my Citrix license server?

Locate HOSTNAME of License Administration Console via the License Administration Console:

  1. From the server the License Administration Console was installed on, go to Start>All Programs>Citrix>License Administration Console to open.
  2. Click the Administration button, top left of screen, and log in to the console.

What happens if license server down in Citrix?

If the License Server goes down, both sites go into the grace period. Each site allows up to the maximum number of licenses installed. As above, the user/device licenses have no limit.

Where can I find the latest version of Citrix license server?

However, new products often require the newest License Server to check out licenses correctly. You can find the latest version from the Citrix Downloads site. To see the new features in this release, go to What’s new.

What is the default user account for a Citrix license server?

If you are in a domain, the License Server adds the installing user (domain\ser) as a default License Server or a Citrix Licensing Manager administrator. If you are a local Windows user, the License Server adds the installing user (computer\ser) as a default administrator account.

What file type should I use for Citrix licensing?

Use the CitrixLicensing.exe file for all future installations, except for Active Directory deployments. In that case, use the .msi. Ensure that both .exe and .msi files are present for the installation.

What is Citrix licensing manager?

3-Citrix Licensing Manager is an administrative web interface used to manage the License Server. 4-Consoles (such as Studio and Director) can connect to a License Server to monitor license use, see alerts and other licensing configuration.