How do I change eclipse to use spaces instead of tabs?

Java Editor

  1. Click Window » Preferences.
  2. Expand Java » Code Style.
  3. Click Formatter.
  4. Click the Edit button.
  5. Click the Indentation tab.
  6. Under General Settings, set Tab policy to: Spaces only.
  7. Click OK ad nauseam to apply the changes.

How do I search for tabs in eclipse?

Ctrl + H > File Search tab. Check “Regular expression” and type “\t” in the Search string field.

How do I get rid of extra tabs in eclipse?

“eclipse shortcut remove tabs” Code Answer In Visual Studio and most other half decent IDEs you can simply do “SHIFT+TAB”. It does the opposite of just TAB. I would think and hope that the IDEs you mention support this as well.

How do I fix replace all tab characters this file by sequence of whitespace?

Replace all tabs

  1. Ctrl + R.
  2. check Regex.
  3. Enter \t and spaces.
  4. Replace all.

How do I autocomplete in eclipse?

For auto-completion triggers in Eclipse like IntelliJ, follow these steps,

  1. Go to the Eclipse Windows menu -> Preferences -> Java -> Editor -> Content assist and check your settings here.
  2. Enter in Autocomplete activation string for java: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ.
  3. Apply and Close the Dialog box.

How do I pin search in eclipse?

This can get annoying when we want to refer to multiple search result sets at the same time. The solution is to pin the Search tab. Click on the Pin icon on the right-hand toolbar. Now perform another search and notice that the results appear in a second Search tab.

How do you use Retab?

Use Vim Retab to solve TabError: inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation?

  1. Open the file with Vim. type :retab , and 😡 . Run the file again.
  2. Open the file again and type :retab! and 😡 . Run the file again. Still got the TabError message.
  3. Open the file again and type :retab! 4 and 😡 . Run the file again.

How many spaces is a tab in eclipse?

4 spaces
UNIX text editors prefer tab is 8 spaces, Windows text editors, and IDEs e.g. Eclipse treats tabs as 4 spaces.

Does Eclipse have IntelliSense?

Microsoft Visual Studio has a famous feature called IntelliSense. Eclipse has a similar built in feature called “Code Assist” which I find very useful. Code Assist is triggered automatically in a number of situations (for example, typing the “.” after a variable name or class name).