How do I change the display variant in SAP FB60?

Enter transaction code ‘FB60’, screen variant name, program name and screen number. Here we want to change the layout (manage the columns) of the transaction FB60 – GL line items. So we have selected program ‘SAPLFSKB’ and screen ‘100’. Now click on create button.

How do I display a screen variant in SAP?

Go to the screen variant tab; choose a name for the screen variant select the program and the screen.

What is screen variant in SAP?

Creating a transaction variant alters the layout of the screen. Business processes delivered by SAP retain their integrity in any case. Transaction variants are actually made up of a series of screen variants. The field values and settings for each screen in the transaction variant are stored in a screen variant.

How do you assign a variant to a transaction variant?

Creating Screen Variant

  1. First, run the transaction SHD0.
  2. Now please choose the transaction for which you want to create a variant, let say you choose FB50 (program SAPLFSKB) now go to the screen variant tab and choose a name for the screen variant to select the program and the screen.

How do you use SHD0 transactions in SAP?

SHD0 – Create a Transaction Variant in SAP

  1. Step 1 – Identify Technical Names of Fields.
  2. Step 2 – Create a Transaction Variant.
  3. Step 3 – Add the Transaction Variant to User Roles.
  4. Step 4 – Create an Infotype Menu.
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How do you transport a variant in SAP?

The process to be followed for transporting a variant :

  1. Go to transaction SE38 and Enter the name of the Program for which the Variant has to be transported.
  2. Click on “GOTO -> VARIANT” .
  3. Click on “Utilities -> Transport Request”.
  4. Click on “Execute button” OR Press F8.

How do I set the default variant in SAP?

How to do?

  1. Enter Transaction Code “SE38” On this screen, you have to enter program name that you want to default variant.
  2. Enter start variant. Many consultants stuck at this step.
  3. Check available vairant.
  4. Choose start variant.
  5. Enter Transport Request.

How do I change my screen variant?

Changing a Screen Variant

  1. Follow the menu path Goto > Variant > Save as Variant (Figure 13.7D).
  2. The ABAP: Save as Variant screen appears (Figure 13.8). Change the protect and hide selections for any data entry fields and selection options.
  3. Option 1: Save this revised version of the screen variant with the same name.

Are screen variants client specific?

Screen variants are always cross-client but they may be assigned to a client-specific transaction. They can also be called at runtime by a program. A specific namespace has been designated for screen variants and they are automatically attached to the Change and Transport System.

How do I create a selection screen variant in SAP?


  1. Call up the report for which you want to define a selection variant.
  2. In the selection screen of the report, choose. Goto.
  3. Give the variant a name and define additional criteria for the display of the variant.
  4. Specify the selection screen to which the variant is assigned.
  5. Save your entries.

How do I create a screen variant in SAP VA01?

For my case I will use VA01 – Create Sales Order as an example.

  1. Specify the transaction code you wish to use in the initial screen. ( in this case VA01)
  2. Specify the variant name you plan to use. This will be based on your own naming convention. (
  3. Once step 1 and 2 are specified, click on the Create button. (

Can variants be transported across systems?

Before the variants can be transported across systems, they will have to undergo conversion. Variants are therefore converted before they are transported to another system and after they have been transported.