How do I change the scene in Unity editor?

You can switch between scenes in the editor by double-clicking on a scene in the project pane in the editor. If you’ve made changes in the current scene, Unity will prompt you to save before switching to a new scene.

How do you load levels in Unity?

Before you can load a level you have to add it to the list of levels used in the game. Use File->Build Settings… in Unity and add the levels you need to the level list there. MonoBehaviour. OnLevelWasLoaded is called on all active game objects after the level has been loaded.

How do I load a specific scene in Unity?

Simply add “using UnityEngine. SceneManagement;” with the other using directives. This will allow you to use functions from the SceneManager class. Finally, to load a new Scene, call the Load Scene function, passing in the name of the Scene you’d like to load.

How do scenes work in Unity?

Scenes contain the objects of your game. They can be used to create a main menu, individual levels, and anything else. Think of each unique Scene file as a unique level. In each Scene, you will place your environments, obstacles, and decorations, essentially designing and building your game in pieces.

How do I go back to previous scene in Unity?

Whenever you want to change scenes you call LoadScene and pass in the name of the scene, which will then add it to the history in addition to changing scenes. Whenever you want to go back to the previous scene you call PreviousScene.

How do you save a scene state in Unity?

There’s no built-in method by which you can “save a scene” during runtime and then reload it later. In a Unity build, scenes are stored in a non-editable format, meaning that whenever you load a scene it will load up with the same format as it was built.

What is LoadSceneMode?

LoadSceneMode. Additive loads a Scene without unloading currently loaded Scenes. The additively loaded Scene appears in the Hierarchy window while another is active. To unload one of the currently loaded Scenes, see SceneManager.

How do I save a new scene in Unity?

Some changes that you can make in Unity are not scene-specific, they are project-wide. These settings can be saved independently of the scene changes, by selecting “Save Project” from the file menu. Using “Save Project” does not save changes to your Scene, only the project-wide changes are saved.

Where are Unity scenes stored?

Assets folder
Scenes are saved as assets, into your project’s Assets folder. Therefore they appear in the Project Window, just like any other asset.