How do I claim my hospital cash benefit in Max Bupa?

You need to submit the following documents to file a claim under the Max Bupa Hospital Cash policy:

  1. Max Bupa claim form.
  2. KYC documents.
  3. Consultation notes/ investigation reports.
  4. Final hospital discharge summary.
  5. Copy of FIR or panchnama (in case of an accidental injury)

How do I claim OPD from Max Bupa Health Insurance?

You must get admitted in a network hospital. You must then use the Max Bupa Health card or share your policy detail or PAN card or voter’s ID for identification purposes. You can call at the toll free number 1800-3010-3333 or you can send an email at [email protected].

What is personal waiting period in Max Bupa?

Niva Bupa (Formerly known as Max Bupa) Health Companion Policy: Key Highlights

Categories Specifications
Coverage Individual
COVID-19 Hospitalization Cover Available
Policy Tenure 1 year, 2 years
Pre-existing Diseases Waiting Period 48 months (Variant 1) and 36 months (other variants)

What are the benefits of Max Bupa Health Insurance?

Niva Bupa (Formerly known as Max Bupa) Heartbeat Insurance Plan for Individual

Policy Term Sum Assured Additional Benefit
1 to 2 Years Gold- 5 -50 lakhs Platinum- 15 lakhs- 1 Crore Treatment at home can be availed in case of shortage of beds at the hospital

What is hospital daily cash plan?

What is a hospital daily cash plan? As the name suggests, the hospital daily cash plan is a health plan which provides a fixed amount for each day you are hospitalized. The amount paid is fixed at the time of policy issuance and would remain fixed.

What is hospital daily cash policy?

What is Hospital Cash Insurance? Hospital Cash Insurance is simply an insurance policy that provides a fixed sum insured for each day of hospitalization of more than 24-hours. It is a fixed daily allowance that is paid to the policyholder to meet miscellaneous expenses during the period of hospitalization.

What is OPD limit?

What Is OPD Limit? The OPD limit is usually part of the sum insured or as defined by the health policy. If you make any reimbursement claims under OPD, it is deducted for the overall sum insured.

What are OPD expenses?

Out Patient Department expenses can be claimed quickly and easily. The expenses covered include cost of dentures, spectacles, crutches, dental treatment, dental procedures, etc. This plan also covers up to Rs. 1,000 as ambulance charges.

Is Max Bupa best health insurance?

Max Bupa is one of the top health insurance providers in the country. The health insurance plans offered by Max Bupa are designed for individuals, couples, senior citizens, and families. The health plans offer a comprehensive cover and a wide sum insured range. The policies come with a lifelong renewability option.

What is hospital cash benefit in health insurance?

Hospital cash insurance pays you a fixed amount at the time of taking policy in case you get hospitalized. The hospital daily cash benefit is paid irrespective of the actual bill amount and there are no bills required.

Is Max Bupa good health insurance?

Good network hospitals I opted for the health insurance of max bupa health insurance Company as advised and suggested by policybazaar. The company is very good and it has many network and good hospitals associated with it. All the hospitals are good and available in PAN India.

Which is best Star health or Max Bupa?

Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan is better than Niva Bupa in terms of pre-and post-hospitalization coverage. Star offers 60 and 90 days of pre-and post-hospitalization coverage, whereas, Niva Bupa offers 30 and 60 days of pre-and post-hospitalization coverage.