How do I claim my SJCAM warranty?

To Request an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number from SJCAM Support, contact us here. SJCAM will provide you with a RMA form. Package products along with a copy of the RMA form. Write the RMA number on the outside of the box and send to the address provided by us in our RMA email.

How do I connect my sj4000 Laptop to Wifi?

Connect your SJ4000 Wifi camera via Wifi (192.168. 1.254) to your computer and start the app. Now you can watch the stream from the cam. Also all compatible models should also be supported.

Does sj4000 have image stabilization?

Overview of all 3 SJ4000 series cameras : WiFi, Standard and Gyro. Most importantly, the new sj4000+ model has a built in Gyro video stabilization. Because of the Gyro stabilization, this camera is known as SJ4000+ Gyro.

What can I do with the sj4000?

The SJ4000 has an easy-to-use menu system or you can also use the free app to change the settings. The app provides a live view, as does the small color LCD monitor on the back of the camera. The camera even allows dash cam loop recording!

How do I transfer data from my sj4000 to my computer?

To turn o your camera, long-press the Power/Mode button. Powering ON/OFF your SJ4000 Inserting / Removing Memory Cards Transferring Data From Your Camera to a Computer. Insert a MicroSD card as shown in the illustration above, with the label facing the LCD screen, until it clicks into place.

What is included in the sj4000 WiFi sports kit?

The SJ4000 WiFi Sports kit includes: The SJ4000 camera with waterproof housing. A bicycle handlebar mount. Various base mounts and clips for the waterproof housing. A USB Cable and wall outlet charger. A basic multi-language instruction manual (.pdf).

What are the specs of the sj4000 HD?

SJ4000 ONLY MANUAL 2017 v2.1 f1.4 User’s Manual SJ4000HD DV 1.5” LCD Screen 12 MP 1080P 30FPS Full-HD All Rights Reserved Firmware ver1.4 SJCAM ©2016 We believe everyone has a dream. Our mission is to make you express yourself, your vision and dreams in order to make them real, and share them with others.