How do I claim unclaimed money NZ?

You can apply through the IRD website or in myIR under your name. If the claim is successful, IRD will pay the money into your bank account, or it can be transferred onto a tax debt you might carry.

How do you know if money is owed to you?

First, go to your state’s unclaimed property website to check if you’re owed funds. If you’ve moved around a lot, you can try sites like or, which may be able to search multiple state databases at once. The search uses your name and your city to check for any funds.

How do you find missing investments?

You can use the Treasury Hunt search engine, at, to track down matured savings bonds or missed payments from securities. Click on “Search for Your Securities in Treasury Hunt.” Simply type in your Social Security number to start.

Can the government look at your bank account NZ?

Government agencies, like the Internal Revenue Service, can access your personal bank account. If you owe taxes to a governmental agency, the agency may place a lien or freeze a bank account in your name. Furthermore, government agencies may also confiscate funds in the bank account.

What happens to money in old bank accounts?

If your account has been dormant for 15 years or more, then banks and building societies can transfer the unclaimed money in that account to an independent body called Reclaim Fund through the Dormant Account Scheme to donate to good causes.

How do you find money on the ground?

Check parking lots and bleachers.

  1. Whenever you need to go to a store, park far from the store, so you can search for money on the ground as you walk.
  2. Pay extra attention to self-pay parking lots and drive-throughs. People will reach from their car window to pay, and often drop coins to the ground.

How do I find a hidden retirement account?

There are several websites you can search for unclaimed retirement benefits:

  1. The Department of Labor’s abandoned plan database.
  2. The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation’s trusteed plan search.
  3. The National Registry of Unclaimed Retirement Benefits.