How do I contact Webjet Australia?

Contact Us From Australia: 1300 137 737, New Zealand: 0800 445 641 or international: +61 3 8580 2252.

Who owns Webjet Australia?

The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cendant Corporation (NYSE:CD) and has marketing agreements with Avis Europe Plc, a separately owned UK-based company owning or franchising an additional 3,050 Avis locations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Is Webjet owned by Flight Centre?

In the meantime we’re downgrading both Flight Centre and Webjet to SELL. Note: The Intelligent Investor Ethical Share Fund owns shares in Flight Centre. Disclosure: The author owns shares in Flight Centre and Webjet, but plans to sell once members have had an opportunity to do so.

Is Webjet part of Expedia?

Expedia Affiliate Network has announced a partnership with Webjet for the launch of the new hotel section of its growing travel booking website. Webjet is the leading online travel agent in Australia and New Zealand, offering comparisons of flights, insurance and car hire prices to travellers.

How do I get in contact with Webjet?

Please note that if an email response has not been received within 24 hours please contact our Customer Service Centre on 0800 445 641 if you are within New Zealand, or +61 3 9828 9798 in any other overseas location. Our Customer Service Centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do I email webjet?

If you require assistance in checking the cancellation policy of your booking please email us on [email protected] or simplystart a messaging conversation with out 24/7 support team.

What companies do webjet own?


  • Webjet.
  • GoSee.
  • Lots of Hotels.
  • Sunhotels (Europe)
  • FIT Ruums (Asia)
  • JacTravel.
  • Totalstay.
  • DOTW.

Is webjet still in business?

Publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) since March 2000, Webjet is proudly Australian operated and has been based in Melbourne for over 20 years.

Where is Webjet located?

Publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) since March 2000, Webjet is proudly Australian operated and has been based in Melbourne for over 20 years.

What companies do Webjet own?

Where is webjet located?

Can you refund plane tickets Australia?

According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, you may be entitled to a flight refund or replacement depending on: the length of the delay; the reason for the delay or cancellation; whether the airline was able to place you on another flight within a reasonable time.

How do you cancel a flight?

If your ticket is fully refundable, you can usually cancel your flight online. Look for a “My Trips” or “Manage My Flight” section of the airline’s website; the name will vary per airline. Otherwise, you can call the airline’s customer service.

How do I cancel my Webjet booking?

The Webjet booking reference number can be found on your hotel booking voucher. Click on the button below to proceed. To cancel your package booking, you will need to submit independent cancellation requests for your flight and hotel components using the Flight and Hotel selections above.

What is Webjet’s refund policy?

(c) Webjet will only be liable to provide a refund to you to the extent that it actually receives a refund from the relevant Supplier. Where refunds are due to you from a Supplier, Webjet will provide reasonable assistance to you in claiming any refunds from that Supplier.

What happens if Webjet cannot contact me?

Where Webjet cannot contact you and the ticket issuance period lapses (thereby making the Booking invalid), Webjet will have no choice but to cancel the booked arrangements. Under these circumstances Webjet accepts no responsibility for any re-Booking costs unless the loss was caused directly and primarily by fault on our part.

How will WestJet Notify me of flight delays and cancellations?

If you booked your trip through a third-party such as a travel agent, airline partner, travel site or AIR MILES®, WestJet will notify them directly of all changes and they will be responsible for providing you updates. We will attempt to notify you as soon as possible of flight delays and cancellations.