How do I enable app lock in MI?

Primarily, you have to open the Phone Settings on your XIAOMI Mi A3. Next, choose the Apps section. Then, tap on App Lock. If you definitely want to protect your privacy with App Lock – click on the Turn On green button at the bottom.

Where is Miui App Vault?

Swipe right from your main home screen and App Vault is there with everything you need. The App Vault gives you instant access to the frequently used widgets. Moreover, in Notes, you can tap on it to note everything important or some ideas that suddenly come to your mind.

What is Xiaomi App Vault?

By Xiaomi Inc. App Vault allows you to make use of specific features without searching for them in individual apps. It’s a convenient combination of shortcuts, cards with important information, and trending stories from the web. Just open your Home screen, swipe right, and find everything you need. Shortcuts.

Does Xiaomi have app Lock?

Once the Lock option is enabled on your Xiaomi smartphone, you can easily lock all you application with one simple click. You can use a lock code or pattern on an app-by-app basis, preventing unwanted access to any app you deem private.

How do I lock apps on recent Miui 13?

Please enable: Settings > Advanced Settings > Battery manager > Power plan is set to Performance. Device Settings > Advanced Settings > Battery Manager > Protected apps – your app needs to be Protected.

How do I lock my apps in the background?

On Android 10 and above, you could simply swipe up from the bottom of your screen and hold it to access the recents screen. Now, locate the app you want to lock and press and hold its app icon at the top. When you get the pop-up, tap on ‘Lock this app. ‘

Does xiaomi have a vault?

Xiaomi introduced App Vault with MIUI 9.2, pushing it as a one-stop activity centre that provides users quick access to the most frequently used tools and functions such as booking a cab, taking notes, and get match scores among others.

Can I uninstall App Vault?

Open “Settings” Go to “Home screen & Recents” “Turn on App vault” – Turn it off! this option is available in miui 9.6 and above.

How do I pin an app on xiaomi?

Open the app and go to “System Table”. Press “Add new setting” and type: lock_to_app_enabled and click save. Now you will be asked to Input Value so here type “1” click save changes. Now you can Pin Apps from recent apps screen.