How do I enable notes on YouTube?

While watching a YouTube video, you will see a new widget on the right side. Take notes or pin moments you want to view later. Click on the timestamp of a pin or note to jump right back to the place in the video you took it at. Tag your notes just by typing a hashtag (e.g. #design).

How do I write notes on a web page in Chrome?

Create Note

  1. Navigate to any Web page and right-click the page. Select “New Note” to view a new Quick Note note.
  2. Type your text into the note. Quick Note saves what you type and displays the first line of text in the note’s title at the top of the note.
  3. Right-click the page again.

Can you take notes on Chrome?

You can capture, edit, and organize handwritten notes with the Cursive app and a touchscreen Chromebook that works with a stylus. You can also use touchscreen gestures to edit your notes. Your notes sync to your Google account, so you can find them with your Chrome browser.

How do you make notes while watching a video?

Head to Click Connect with Google Drive. This will connect the service to your Google account so that all of your notes will save right to your Google Drive. Enter in the URL of a video that you want to take notes on, and hit Load video.

How do you take notes while watching a documentary?

Method 1: Watch the video and write notes afterwards. It is best to watch the film and pay close attention to it. Paying close attention to a film will allow you to remember scenes that are memorable, quotes that stood out for you, character behavior and development, and other key moments that may be of importance.

How do I write notes on my website?

Tap or click “Make a web note” at the top right corner to start adding to the webpage you’re on. The web note menu shows up on top, replacing the address bar. If the toolbar and tab are purple and maroon in color, then it indicates that you are currently viewing or making a web note on that specific webpage.

Can you add a note to a Web page?

To create a sticky note: Select the sticky-note option. Enter the text you want the note to display in the text area that appears. Once created, you can click and drag the sticky-note to any location on the screen. The small size is great for staying out of the way when reading the rest of the Web site.

Can I make notes on a Web page?

How do I save my notes in Google Chrome?

Save content as a note

  1. Select the content you want to save.
  2. Right-click. click Save image to Keep or Save selection to Keep.

How do I take notes on YouTube?

Rocket Note is a Chrome extension that allows you to take notes on YouTube that are timestamped, so you’ll never forget what you learned. ☰✕HomePricingLog InGet Started Note-Taking for YouTube A Beautiful Chrome Extension Add To Chrome Easy Install Click the “Add To Chrome” button on this website. We’ll take care of the rest for you.

How to pause a YouTube video in chrome?

Smart Pause. Smart Pause is a pretty cool Chrome extension for YouTube. What it does, is it automatically pauses a YouTube video when you leave the tab and resumes the video again when you come back to the tab.

What can I do with a new tab in chrome?

Supercharge your new tab with intelligent widgets and smart bookmarks. Replace new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring to-do, weather, and inspiration. The #1 screen recorder for Chrome. Capture, edit and share videos in seconds.

What is the brieftube Chrome extension?

BriefTube Like Video Preview, the BriefTube Chrome extension makes sure you don’t waste your time on videos that only look good on the outside. BriefTube creates a summary of what a video offers and lets you directly jump to the video part that is relevant to you.