How do I exit vi command?

Press Esc to enter Command mode, and then type :wq to write and quit the file….More Linux resources.

Command Purpose
:wq or ZZ Save and quit/exit vi.
:q! Quit vi and do not save changes.
yy Yank (copy a line of text).

How do I exit and save vi?

To save a file in Vim / vi, press Esc key, type :w and hit Enter key. One can save a file and quit vim / Vi by pressing Esc key, type 😡 and hit Enter key.

How do I exit Unix?

To exit from the shell: At the shell prompt, type exit. Ta-da!

How do I exit vim in terminal?

TL;DR – How to Exit Vim

  1. Press ESC once (sometimes twice)
  2. Make sure you are using the English input method.
  3. The next step depends on the current status and your expectations: If you didn’t make any changes, type :q and press Enter / return.

How do I exit vi git bash?

: enters the command mode, w is for “write” (save) and q is for “quit”. You may need to hit escape before :wq to exit the insert mode ( vi is a mode based editor). If you want to exit without saving hit escape, :q! and enter.

How do I quit Vim without saving?

Step 2: Quit vim using commands

  1. :q (yes, the colon is included in the command) – This will quit the editor. It may prompt you if you are trying to exit Vim and there are unsaved changes.
  2. :q! – Quit Vim without saving the data file (all unsaved changes are discarded).
  3. :wq – Save the file and exit Vim.

How do I exit VI without saving?

Exit Without Saving Changes in Vi / Vim

  1. Switch to command mode by pressing the ESC key.
  2. Press : (colon) to open the prompt bar in the bottom left corner of the window.
  3. Type q! after the colon and hit Enter to exit without saving the changes.

How do you exit a command in Linux?

  1. exit: Exit Without Parameter. After pressing enter, the terminal will simply close.
  2. exit [n] : Exit With Parameter.
  3. exit n : Using “sudo su” we are going to the root directory and then exit the root directory with a return status of 5.
  4. exit –help : It displays help information.

How do you exit in Linux?