How do I export address list from Canon printer?

Exporting an Address Book

  1. Select your printer → [General Settings] → click [Address Book].
  2. Click [Export].
  3. Specify [Save As], [Where], and [Format] → click [Save].

How do I backup my Canon address book?

From the [File] menu in the Canon FAX Utility, select [Address Book] → [Export]. The [Save Address Book] dialog box is displayed. Specify [Save As], [Where], and [Format] → click [Save]. Address books can be saved as CSV files (*.

How do I add address to my Canon printer?

Use / to select , and press . Select , and press . Select or , and press ….Registering destinations with the LDAP server.

1 Select , and press .
3 Select a destination, and press .
4 Proceed to step 11.

How do I use Canon copy?


  1. Make sure printer is turned on.
  2. Load paper in the rear tray or cassette.
  3. Select Copy on the HOME screen.
  4. Select Standard copy.
  5. Load the original item on the platen glass.
  6. Specify settings as necessary.
  7. Press Color button for color copying, or Black button for black & white copying.

How do I open a Canon DCM file?

You can open DCM files with a variety of applications, such as MicroDicom viewer (Windows), ezDICOM (Windows), and MeVisLab (multiplatform). You can also upload DCM files to View My Scans in a web browser and view the images.

What is Address Book in printer?

An address book is a list of individual contacts, each associated with an email address, fax number, or scan destination. You can configure the printer to use a Network Address Book or the Device Address Book for email or Internet fax.

How do I add emails to my Canon printer address book?

Registering an E-Mail Address

  1. Press (Settings/Registration).
  2. Press [Set Destination] → [Register Destinations] → [Register New Dest.].
  3. Press [E-Mail].
  4. Press the drop-down list → select an address list from Address List 1 to 10.
  5. Press [Name].
  6. Enter a name for the destination → press [OK].
  7. Press [Next] →[E-Mail Address].

What is a DCM file from Canon?

You can export Address Book and machine settings data, and save them on a computer. You can export Address Book data as a device configuration information file (*. dcm) or Canon Address Book file (*. abk).

What program opens a DCM file?

How do I add Address Book to my printer?

Using and Editing the Address Book at the Control Panel

  1. At the printer control panel, press the Home button.
  2. Touch Address Book.
  3. Touch the + Add Contact.
  4. Enter the contact details:
  5. To save the contact, touch Confirm (checkmark).
  6. To return to the home screen, press the Home button.