How do I extract infobox from Wikipedia?

Follow the below steps to write the code to fetch the text that we want from the infobox.

  1. Import the bs4 and requests modules.
  2. Send an HTTP request to the page that you want to fetch data from using the requests.
  3. Parse the response text using bs4.
  4. Go to the Wikipedia page and inspect the element that you want.

How do I get content from Wikipedia API?

There are three main methods for retrieving page content via the API:

  1. Get the contents of a page using the Revisions API (as wikitext).
  2. Get the contents of a page using the Parse API (as HTML or wikitext).
  3. Get plain text or limited HTML extracts of a page using the API of the TextExtracts extension.

What is a Wikipedia infobox?

On wikis, an infobox is a table used to collect and present a subset of information about its subject, such as a document. It is a structured document containing a set of attribute–value pairs, and in Wikipedia represents a summary of information about the subject of an article.

Does Wikipedia have a API?

What is the Wikipedia API? The Wikipedia API (official documentation) is supported by the MediaWiki’s API and provide access to Wikipedia and other MediaWiki data without interacting with the user interface.

Can I use Wikipedia API?

Using the Wikipedia API. Let’s say that you wanted your web application to pull in data from a source like Wikipedia. With an API, we can programatically pull the information right from Wikipedia, and format it to fit our project, app, or website nicely – only showing the information that we want.

How do I add an image to infobox?

If it’s the default infobox then all you need to do is put the image link. The one that’s there when you click on a photo/image. Change the Image. PNG to whatever picture you want to use, and make sure you type the link exactly how it’s shown!

How do I edit infobox?

The infobox preview’s items can be configured by clicking on them and using the options pane in the right sidebar. The items can also be rearranged by dragging them around. To remove an item, click on it and use the trash can button on the right. There are 4 types of items in the visual infobox editor.