How do I find a government gazette in Victoria?

You can access gazettes published after 1997 at the Victoria Government Gazette website.

How do I access government gazettes?

The Government Printing Works publishes the latest Government Gazette on their website . You will need to register to access the Gazette that is listed per Gazette number and date.

How often is the Victorian Government Gazette published?

Since 1987 the gazette has been published in three series: General (G, weekly), Periodical (P, lengthy non-urgent notices, irregular), and Special (S, irregular).

What is meant by Government Gazette?

An official gazette is the legal newspaper of a country, or of an administrative part of a country, which publishes the text of new laws, decrees, regulations, treaties, legal notices, and court decisions.

What is the Victoria Government Gazette?

The Victoria Government Gazette provides official notification of decisions or actions taken by, or information from, the Governor of Victoria, Government Authorities, Government Departments, Local Councils, companies and individuals.

What does Vic Gov AU stand for?

The Victoria State Government
The Victoria State Government, also referred to as just the Victorian Government, is the state-level authority for Victoria, Australia. Like all state governments, it is formed by three independent branches: the executive, the judicial, and the parliament.

What documents are published in the Government Gazette?

The Gazette is an official Government publication. Government uses it to publish acts and bills, regulations and notices in terms of acts, changes of names, company registrations and deregistrations, financial statements, land restitution notices, liquor licence applications and transport permits.

Is the Government Gazette offline?

The eGazette has not been available since 1 February, when the Government Printing Works website went offline. Although the landing page is now online, none of its online services are accessible.

How many LGA’s are in Victoria?

79 local government areas
Victoria is divided up into 79 local government areas which are referred to as councils or municipalities.

What is a GiC order?

It should be noted that the GiC Order includes a condition which permits defined persons to take or destroy cockatoos using trapping and gassing equipment approved by DELWP. However, no such equipment is approved by DELWP. This option is thus effectively illegal.

What does it mean when a land is gazetted?

This is the process whereby the government releases a parcel of land back to the indigenous owners of such lands for the purpose of residential and commercial developments. When this excised parcel of land is published in government official gazette such a land is said to have Gazette as title.

What is the difference between a gazette and a newspaper?

A gazette is an official journal, a newspaper of record, or simply a newspaper. In English and French speaking countries, newspaper publishers have applied the name Gazette since the 17th century; today, numerous weekly and daily newspapers bear the name The Gazette.