How do I find Newsela articles?

Search for Articles

  1. Click Search on the Search and Navigation bar.
  2. Enter a keyword or subject.
  3. Click ‘Search’.
  4. If your results are limited, try additional search terms.
  5. Articles, Text Sets, Videos, and (with Newsela Social Studies and Science subscriptions) Standards will also appear.

Does Newsela cost money?

Product and features overview Access to news content on Newsela is always free. Get additional content, standards, instructional resources, and insights with our core subject products.

How do you set goals in Newsela?

How to set goals, and keep them, for the new year

  1. Step 1: Think Big. Find a big goal you will make happen. Be clear about the result.
  2. Step 2: Break Up Your Big Goal Into Smaller Steps. Once you set a big goal, break it down into smaller goals.
  3. Step 3: Make An Action Plan. Learn about your goal.

What does Newsela stand for?

Newsela is an instructional content tool that allows teachers to find articles with appropriate reading levels for their students. Newsela articles also feature questions and writing prompts that align with common core standards.

Why is the color blue so rare in nature Newsela answer key?

Blue flowers are rare because making such large and complex chemicals is difficult for plants to do. Fewer than 10 percent of the world’s 300,000 flowering plant species produce blue flowers. Chemicals that absorb red wavelengths are rare for minerals, too.

Who started Newsela?

Matthew Gross – Founder
Matthew Gross – Founder & CEO – Newsela | LinkedIn.

Why do teachers like Newsela?

Newsela is a standout resource for supporting students’ nonfiction literacy. The inclusion of adjustable Lexile levels for every text (and quiz) is a significant feat and gives Newsela a considerable leg up against competitors that offer more static nonfiction reading instruction.

How our eyes make sense of light Newsela answers?

When the eye focuses on an object, it directs the light bouncing off the object directly onto the fovea to get the best image. In fact, when the eye focuses on something, that’s called foveating. The light-sensing cells on the retina are known as photoreceptors.

What is wrong with Newsela?

This app is total garbage. The content mostly consists of social justice progressive agenda and the articles have subliminal bias. There is more opinion than fact that reminds me of reading a page out of a Soviet playbook.

Who runs Newsela?

Matthew Gross
Newsela is a literacy-focused edtech startup company founded by Matthew Gross. Newsela offers English and Spanish education content. Newsela serves 90% of schools, including over 37 million K-12 students and 2.5 million teachers.

Do teachers like Newsela?

Unsurprisingly, Newsela has proven popular with educators: as of July 2016, it had been used by over 6.1 million students and 800,000 teachers in all fifty states and internationally. Students have read nearly 100 million articles since Newsela was created!