How do I fix error code P182E?

Simply move the shifter and see if the internal mode switch reports the correct gear selection. The internal mode switch is located inside the transmission. To replace it you’ll have to remove the shift cable and the lower control valve body from the side of the transmission.

What is code P182E?

Code P182E indicates a problem with the transmission range selector – meaning the transmission doesn’t know what gear is selected. It could be as simple as a bad shifter cable, or a faulty transmission range selector switch.

What is internal mode switch?

An internal mode switch (IMS) is a component of a transmission used to relay the driver’s selected range intent to a control system of a vehicle. The IMS is a sliding contact electrical switch assembly attached to a lower control valve body of the transmission.

What is code p1825?

The internal mode switch is a sliding contact switch connected to the valve body. Its purpose is to let the TCM know what gear you selected, based on an electrical signal that it sends.

What does transmission range sensor circuit high input mean?

The presence of a P0708 diagnostic trouble code means that the transmission range sensor / neutral safety switch is sending the wrong signals back to the ECM.

What is Nsbu switch?

The neutral safety back up, or NSBU switch) is another component that is associated with the column shifter, only it is mounted on the selector shaft of the transmission. This switch transmits the current selector position information to the transmission control module.

How do I fix code po700?

Possible Solutions For Fixing the P0700 Code

  1. – Topping off or replacing the transmission fluid.
  2. – Repairing or replacing the wiring harness.
  3. – Replacing the TCM.

What causes range shift inhibited?

If the TCM receives an input that s far enough out of range to affect transmission operation, the TCM will enter Transmission Abuse Protection Mode. In this mode, the TCM can inhibit engagements into drive and reverse and any or all shifts, depending upon what caused the TCM to enter this mode.