How do I get a deposit slip from Bank of America?

Log in to your Bank of America account via online banking or the mobile app. Select the appropriate bank account, then do one of the following: In online banking, select “Order checks/deposit slips.” In the mobile app, select “Order Checks & Deposit Tickets.”

Can I get a deposit slip online Bank of America?

Online Banking customers can order checks and deposit tickets in just a few minutes either on our website or through our Mobile Banking app.

Do you have to fill out a deposit slip Bank of America?

You may not need to fill out a deposit slip or put your check into an envelope. You can just indicate whether you are depositing your check into your savings or checking account and slide in the checks. The ATM will read the amounts on the checks. You can also check your balance after making the deposit.

How can I get a deposit slip online?

Keeping copies of your bank deposit slips is important….How to Get a Copy of a Deposit Slip

  1. Check your bank statements to locate the deposit for which you need the slip.
  2. Log on to your account if you have online banking.
  3. Go to the “Account Services” section when logged on to your online banking account.

Can I mail in a deposit to Bank of America?

To bank by phone, call 800.432. 1000. Use these addresses for mailing us deposits….Other ways to bank.

Deposits by Mail Only Address Overnight or FedEx Only Address
PO Box 105576 Atlanta, GA 30348-5576 GA4-004-01-52 6000 Feldwood Road College Park, GA 30349-3652

Can someone deposit money into my Bank of America account?

Some banks, however, don’t let you deposit cash into someone else’s checking account. They include the three biggest banks — JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo. As the banks see it, the decision to ban cash helps prevent money laundering and fraud — cash is hard to trace, after all.

Do they have deposit slips at the bank?

Upon entering a bank, a customer can typically find a stack of deposit slips with designated spaces to fill in the required information to complete the deposit. The customer is required to fill out the deposit slip before approaching the bank teller to deposit funds.