How do I get a Gold skywards membership?

To reach Gold membership, you need to collect 50,000 Tier Miles (or take 50 qualifying flights). To reach Platinum membership, you need to collect 150,000 Tier Miles.

How many Emirates tiers are there?

four membership tiers
Emirates Skywards has four membership tiers, each with increasing benefits and advantages. Once you join Emirates Skywards, you can enjoy benefits that increase in value as you move up the tiers.

How much does it cost to join Emirates Skywards?

It costs nothing to join Emirates Skywards. Just complete this simple application form and you can start enjoying the benefits and privileges of membership straight away. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to earn Skywards Miles and how rewarding it is to spend them with Emirates and our global partners.

Can I buy Emirates Gold membership?

The Emirates Skywards Gold membership is available for one supplementary cardholder per primary cardholder. All you need to do is spend an additional minimum amount of AED 5,500 at Emirates and pay an Annual Membership Fee of AED 4,000 for your Supplementary Card.

Can I buy Emirates Tier Miles?

Tier Miles cannot be bought or gifted. Skywards Miles can be transferred by an Eligible Skywards Member to another via the Points Platform (“Transfer Miles”), in blocks of 1,000 miles and at the cost of USD 15 per 1,000 Miles.

Can I convert Emirates Miles to cash?

You can convert* your Skywards Miles into cash and put them towards the cost of your flight. You can convert your Skywards Miles into cash and put them towards the cost of your flight.

Do Emirates miles expire?

Mileage Expiration Emirates Skywards Miles are valid for a minimum of 3 years from the date earned. This is not exactly 3 years — in the third year, the miles expire at the end of your birthday month. Unlike many airlines, regular earning of miles does not extend mileage validity.

Why is Emirates Airlines so expensive?

You Can Board Directly from a Private Lounge. It wouldn’t be a complete review of Emirates business class without discussing the Emirates lounge at JFK airport.

  • The Plane’s Shockingly Spacious.
  • There’s a Full Bar.
  • You’re Constantly Being Offered Extra Perks.
  • The Lie-Flat Seats Are Ridiculously Comfy.
  • The Service Was Top-Notch.
  • How do I contact Emirates Skywards?

    The first name or last name entered at the time of the booking does not match the name in your Emirates Skywards account; for example,‘Will’ instead of ‘William’.

  • Your Emirates Skywards membership number is not associated with the booking.
  • You are logged in to your Emirates Skywards account on
  • Is it worth reserving seats on Emirates Airlines?

    We’ll do our best to provide the seats you reserve. However, we may have to move you to a different seat in case of disruption, aircraft change, or for any other operational, safety or security reasons. Seat reservations are subject to change up until flight departure. Therefore refund requests can only be submitted after your flight departs.

    How to contact Emirates Airlines?

    Travel vouchers are valid for one year from date of issue and can be used for any Emirates flight or service

  • If you’re unable to use the full value in that time,you can extend the validity for another 12 months
  • You can use the travel voucher throughout the year for multiple transactions up to its full value