How do I get an appointment with an Italian consulate?

We will also give you some handy tips and advice when it comes to booking services at the Italian Consulate.

  1. How to Use Prenota to Schedule a Consular Appointment.
  2. Create Your Prenota Account.
  3. Confirm Your Account.
  4. Choose the Office You Wish to Consult.
  5. Input Additional Notes and Confirm.
  6. Check the Prenota Calendar.

How do I renew my Italian citizenship?

Briefly, there are three main steps you need to take to renew your Italian passport:

  1. Fill in the application form and collect documents.
  2. Register with AIRE and schedule a visit to the consulate.
  3. Go personally to the consulate to finish up the application process.

Do I need an appointment to go to the Italian embassy?

In order to make our services more efficient, the Consulate General receives applications ONLY by appointment, apart from proven urgent cases. However, not all services require personal attendance as some can be processed by post or by email.

How do I get an Italian passport?

The naturalization process usually takes over 10 years. Citizenship by marriage can be obtained after two years of residence in Italy or after three years of residence outside the country. Foreigners can get an Italian passport after working for the Italian government for five years, even outside the country.

What is Prenot mi?

Online since June 2021, Prenot@MI is the new website available to access Italian Consular services, included the services intended for foreigners who want to immigrate to Italy for study, work or family reasons, with the aim of facilitating the booking and processing time of appointments.

Where do I apply for Italian citizenship?

After you have formally become a resident of an Italian town, you can formally apply for citizenship through the citizenship office which is generally located in the city hall.

Can you lose Italian citizenship?

As from August 16, 1992, Italian citizenship is no longer lost in concomitance with the acquisition of foreign citizenship unless the Italian citizens formally renounces it. An Italian citizen can lose citizenship automatically or formally give it up.

How do you call an Italian consulate?

If you need to contact the Italian Embassy in case of real emergency during holidays or outside office hours (from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm) please call: +1 (202) 612-4411.

What is D-visa Italy?

An Italy Long-Stay Visa is also known as a D-Visa or a National Visa. This is the type of visa you have to apply for if you want to stay in Italy longer than 90 days. However, a long-stay visa isn’t the only permission you need if you want to live in Italy.