How do I get good at OpenTTD?

Some of the best tips and tricks to play OpenTTD and succeed

  1. Start by building 2 or 3 airports.
  2. Create a two way track across a couple of cities.
  3. Build up lots of routes that help you connect coal mines to a power station.
  4. Favor longer routes instead of shorter ones.

What is the point of OpenTTD?

OpenTTD is a business simulation game in which players try to earn money by transporting passengers and freight via road, rail, water and air. It is an open-source remake and expansion of the 1994 Chris Sawyer video game Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

How long is a day in OpenTTD?

One game day takes 2220ms (2.22 seconds) real time. A game year thus takes 810.3 seconds, or 13.505 minutes.

How do I get the electric train in OpenTTD?

For these trains to operate, you must convert your railways and at least one Depots to electrified and then purchase a train as usual. Carriages and wagons can be used on either of the types. Electrified railways can be built as normal track is, and can also be intersected with normal track.

How do you make a train in OpenTTD?

Railways and trains are probably the most fun form of transport to use in OpenTTD. Trains, currently, are the most profitable vehicle….Building trains

  1. Place/build a train Depots and then click it.
  2. Click “New vehicles”.
  3. Select an engine and click “Buy vehicle” at the bottom of the window.

How do you grow a town in OpenTTD?

Town growth can be accelerated by loading or unloading at least one item of cargo at up to five stations within town influence within a 50 day period. It does not matter which cargos are loaded/unloaded.

How do you build a train station in OpenTTD?

Building train stations

  1. Open the Railway Construction toolbar by clicking the.
  2. Click on the Build railroad station button.
  3. Set the Number of Tracks and the Platform Length.
  4. Select the orientation for your station so that you can run the track in the right direction.
  5. Find a place for the new station on the map.

How do I upgrade tracks in OpenTTD?

Place the cursor in the left corner and while holding down the mouse button, drag the cursor to the right corner so the entire map is highlighted with the grid. Release the mouse button and voila, your entire steel rail system has been upgraded to electric. All rails, stations and depots will be upgraded.

How do you buy planes in OpenTTD?

Steps to purchasing an aircraft:

  1. Build an airport.
  2. Click the hangar building located in the airport to open the Aircraft Hangar window.
  3. Click on the New Aircraft button located on the lower left-side of the Aircraft Hangar window.
  4. Browse the list of available aircraft, select one, and press the Build Aircraft button.