How do I get P&G BrandSAVER coupons?

How to Get P&G Brand Saver Coupons

  1. Sunday Newspaper. Once a month, P&G publishes its BrandSAVER coupon booklet for inclusion in most Sunday newspapers.
  2. Printable Coupons. You can also visit the P&G Everyday website and click on the “Printable Coupons” page to print coupons right from your computer.
  3. By Mail.

How do I redeem P&G coupons?

How to save with coupon codes? Print the coupons to use it at the local store for discounts and scan the receipt on this website to win reward points as a part of the P&G loyalty program. Redeem reward points for gift cards, donations, sweepstake entries and gift cards.

Can you use P&G coupons online?

The cashier scans the card during checkout, and all of the applicable P&G coupons are automatically applied to the purchase. The program is restricted to members of P&G Everyday Solutions. Sign up is free and simple, and it can be done online at the P&G website.

How do you get free stuff from P&G?

You can get you P&G free samples by visiting P&G Everyday and clicking on the gray button that says “Get Started.” Before you can request any samples, you’ll need to join if you’re new to the program or log in if you’ve requested from them before. After you log in you’ll see a list of samples available to you.

How do I get P&G mail coupons?

If you sign up with P&G you’ll get a free coupon book in the mail with coupons they think you’ll use. You’ll want to begin by registering for a Proctor & Gamble account. After you’ve registered, you’ll get access to a survey that will determine what coupons you’ll eligible for. Don’t skip this survey!

Can I get free samples in the mail?

There’s a common myth that if you want to get something for free, to have to jump through every hoop to get it, and it’s usually not worth it. That’s simply not true. It really is possible to get free samples in the mail without filling out surveys.