How do I get the cursor position in table control?

At PAI you can read the current cursor position. GET CURSOR LINE lin . sy-subrc allows you to check if the cursor is placed in a row of a table control….Table Controls in ABAP Programs.

Component Type (Length) Meaning
SCREEN SCREEN Structure for the attributes of screen elements of the column (see below).

How to set cursor position in table control in sap?

Cursor Position for a table control can be set in following ways: At PBO you can set the cursor on a specific field of a specific row of a table control. Using the optional addition OFFSET, you can enter the offset of the cursor in the field as described under Setting the Cursor Position.

How to set cursor position in sap ABAP?

To define the cursor position statically, enter the name of the required screen element in the Cursor position screen attribute in the Screen Painter. To set the cursor position dynamically, use the following statement in an ABAP dialog module in the PBO event: SET CURSOR FIELD f [OFFSET off ].

What is set cursor in SAP ABAP?

Sets the cursor on the screen element or the field field displayed in a list, where line specifies the number of a line in a table control for a step loop or a list.

What is the use of get cursor in SAP ABAP?

GET CURSOR is a key word, which is used to get cursor position with field name and value, by using this key work we can get value and field name at cursor . SAP Tables to be used: for the above requirement, we are going to use MARA table.

How do you make table Control invisible in SAP ABAP?

You can use the structure CXTAB_CONTROL that has the following components: INVISIBLE C(1) Flag (X or blank) for visibility of entire table control. You can use sample program: RSDEMO02 that allow you to modify properties of table control and view the results.

What is initial cursor positioning?

Positioning the cursor is important when you use a map for input. Usually, you set the initial position for the cursor in the map definition by including “insert cursor” (IC) in the ATTRB values of the field where you want it.

How do I get a cursor in SAP?

To find out the cursor position, use the following statement: GET CURSOR FIELD f [OFFSET off] [LINE lin] [VALUE val] [LENGTH len]. This statement transfers the name of the screen element on which the cursor is positioned during a user action into the variable f .

What is the difference between hide and get cursor in SAP ABAP?

We can generate interactive report based on field name and field value which is not possible with HIDE statement. The other difference between hide and get cursor is, with the hide statement the system uses line no and gets the value into hide variable without knowing what is the fieldname.

How do you hide table control?

How do I disable table control fields in SAP?

Hi, You can disable individual columns by using: LOOP AT SCREEN. CASE SCREEN-FIELDNAME.