How do I join an AD domain in vCenter Server appliance?

Use the vSphere Client to log in as administrator@ your_domain_name to the vCenter Server instance in the vCenter Server Appliance. On the vSphere Client navigation pane, click Administration > Single Sign On > Configuration. Select the Active Directory Domain tab, and click JOIN AD. Enter the Active Directory details.

How do I join vCenter 6.7 to domain?

Join AD Domain from the Command Line

  1. (optional) Enable SSH login.
  2. Connect to the vCenter Server Appliance with SSH.
  3. Activate the bash shell Command> shell.
  4. Use the domainjoin-cli tool to join the domain # /opt/likewise/bin/domainjoin-cli join [domain] [user name] [password]
  5. Reboot the appliance # reboot.

Should I join vCenter to domain?

For vCenter and SSO you would join to AD to allow for authentication . For an individual host you do not need to join those to the domain.

How do I join a VM to a domain?

Quickstart: Joining a Windows VM to a domain

  1. Create an Active Directory domain as explained in Quickstart: Creating a domain.
  2. Create a Windows VM. Create the VM with a version of Windows that is supported by Managed Microsoft AD. Create the VM in the project that hosts your Managed Microsoft AD domain.

How do I change the DNS on my vCenter appliance?


  1. On the vSphere Web Client main page, click Home > Administration > System Configuration.
  2. Under System Configuration, click Nodes.
  3. Under Nodes, select a node and click the Manage tab.
  4. Select Networking, and click Edit.
  5. Expand DNS and edit the settings.

How does vCenter SSO work?

vCenter Single Sign-On (SSO) is a component of the VMware Cloud Suite. SSO deals with identity management for administrators and applications that interact with the vSphere platform. SSO is based on identity management technology built by RSA and specifically tailored for VMware Cloud Infrastructure deployment.

How do you join an Active Directory domain you must first go to Settings?

Domain Join Settings First, you can go to Settings –> Accounts –> Work Access and click on Join or Leave Azure AD link. Another way is to go to Settings –> System –> About and join Windows 10 machine to Azure AD.

Where are vCenter DNS settings?

In the vCenter Server Management Interface, click Networking. From the Network Settings page, click Edit. Expand the Hostname and DNS section to configure the DNS settings.