How do I make an appointment with Fsdo?

First locate your nearest FSDO at then make an appointment to meet with an Airman Inspector prior to your CFI certificate expiration date. The wait time for an appointment can be several weeks depending on the FSDO.

What does Fsdo stand for aviation?

Flight Standards District Offices
Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO)

What is the phone number for the FSDO office in Iowa?


Office Address Phone
Des Moines 3753 Se Convenience Blvd. Ankeny, IA 50021 (515) 289-4855

How do I report to the FAA?

You can email a complaint or question to the following address: [email protected] . Your complaints must include your name, contact information (phone and email), your job, the name of your employer, the type and date of discrimination against you, and a detailed list of the safety allegations you reported.

How Old Is Martha Lunken?

Martha Lunken, 78, who pens a popular column in Flying Magazine and is a fixture in Midwest aviation, flew under a bridge near her home airport, which bears her name, in southern Ohio in March of 2020, an impulsive and “immature” stunt she told AVweb she knew was wrong.

How many Fsdo are there in the US?

80 FSDOs
There are 80 FSDOs covering 77 geographical areas of responsi- bility in the United States to choose from, which can be confusing when searching for the right field office.

Can you report a pilot?

The reality is that nonreporting can put people at risk. Many don’t realize that there are actions the FAA can take if risky pilot behavior is reported. The FAA has established a hotline for confidential and anonymous reporting.

What is the purpose of FAA Form 8130 3?

The FAA encourages the use of FAA Form 8130-3 for documenting the airworthiness status of FAA-approved products and articles. This will help provide traceability and ease the movement of products and articles throughout the aviation system.