How do I make my HP printer staple?

From the Home screen on the printer control panel, select Copy. Select Options in the lower left corner. Select Staple in the Options list, and then select the desired stapling option from the Staple/Hole Punch menu.

How do I enable stapling on my printer?

Black and White or Colour

  1. Click on ‘File’ then ‘Print’
  2. Select Standard GSM or High GSM printer.
  3. Click on ‘Preferences’ or ‘Properties’
  4. In ‘Paper/Output’ tab under ‘Stapling’ select ‘1 Staple’
  5. Click ‘OK’ twice.
  6. Click on Print.

Is there a printer that can staple?

For instance, the Konica Bizhub series of multi-function printers can automatically staple documents before it deposits them in its output tray. It can staple up to 100 documents at a time using the FS-535 stapling finisher.

How do you staple a copy machine?

Touch Copy on the Control Panel. Touch Copy Output. Under Staple, touch 1 Staple, 2 Staples, or 4 Staples for the appropriate page orientation. The screen shows the location of the staple on the page.

What is finisher copy machine?

Finisher: An option on a photocopier that delivers finished (stapled) sets into an offset catch tray. Many times a finisher will also provide sorting and/or collating functions. Hole Punching: As copies exit the copy machine, this device automatically punches either two or three holes into a copy.

What is staple product?

Staple goods (also known as staple products, staples, core products, and necessity goods) are inventoried items that are core to your business. For example, hooks and fishing line are staples of a tackle shop. Golf balls are a staple product for a golf pro shop.

What do you call papers stapled together?

Pamphlet is a good word for stapled together sheets but that word also implies that the papers provide information on a single subject.