How do I make my yard drought friendly?

How To Create A Drought-Tolerant Yard

  1. Reconsider How You Water.
  2. Insulate the Roots from Heat with Mulch.
  3. Improve Plant Health with Organic Compost.
  4. Replace Grass with Drought-Tolerant Plants.
  5. Use Drought-Tolerant Grass.

What are the 7 principles to xeric landscaping?

The Seven Principles of Xeriscape

  • Introduction.
  • Water-wise Planning and Design.
  • Low-water Using Plants.
  • Limit Grass Areas.
  • Water Harvesting Techniques.
  • Efficient Irrigation System and Design.
  • Mulch.
  • Proper Maintenance.

How do you build a water wise garden?

Eight Steps to a Water-Wise Garden

  1. Add organic matter to your soil. All soil is not created equal.
  2. Deliver water to the root-zone.
  3. Use mulch to retain water.
  4. Use free water.
  5. Choose plants carefully.
  6. Reduce your lawn.
  7. Plan before you plant.
  8. Take care of your plants.

How do I replace my lawn with drought-tolerant plants?

Combine hardscape materials with drought-tolerant plants. By using at least a few different types of hardscape, the missing lawn is not as obvious because there are several surfaces and elements to look at….Good types of plants to try include:

  1. Lantana.
  2. Succulents.
  3. Penstemon.
  4. Native and ornamental grasses.
  5. Lavender.
  6. Sage.

Is Lavender a water-wise plant?

Some hardy, water-wise perennials in the mint family include: Lavender (Lavandula spp): With fragrant flowers and foliage, it’s hard to pass by lavender without stopping to appreciate the lovely aroma.

How do I Xeriscape my yard?

5 Ways to Xeriscape on a Budget

  1. 1) Do the work yourself.
  2. 2) Keep purchased hardscape to a minimum.
  3. 3) Grow from seed and collect plant divisions from friends and neighbors.
  4. 4) Use non-invasive plants that spread.
  5. 5) Make your own mulch.