How do I manually change the source on my LG TV?

Manually Change The Input This can be done by long-pressing the power button. This will open the inputs menu. Now, by pressing the power button again, you can change the input menu selection. Once you land on the input of your choice, long-press the power button again.

How do I change input on LG TV without remote?

Press the power button at the bottom/rear of the TV set. Press the input button. This will pull up a menu of your TV’s display inputs. Use the mouse to select an input.

How can I control my LG TV without the WiFi remote?

To connect your LG TV to WiFi without a remote, you’ll need to use a USB mouse. Plug the mouse into the USB port of your TV then press the small button on the center, underside of your LG TV, right beneath the Logo, and toggle it to Input. Then connect using your mouse.

What can I do with the USB port on my TV?

Via your TV’s USB port, you can hook up a flash drive, pen drive, or an external hard drive and watch movies, play songs, or even read books you have on those storage devices. You can also view photos from your gallery/album or any digital media device — as long as your TV supports the multimedia formats.

How do you change the input on a LG TV that only has a power button?

How to Manually Change the Input on LG TVs

  1. Turn on your TV.
  2. Locate the power button on the bottom of your TV.
  3. Pull the button toward yourself.
  4. Scroll sideways through the options at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Let go of the button once you’ve found your input selection.

Where are buttons on LG TV?

Please find a power button under the LG logo on the TV. You can only turn on of off the TV with the button, and cannot use it to control other features. *With some models the power button may be located on the rear, bottom right hand side.