How do I read VSAM files in REXX?

Rexx has no native support for processing VSAM files. Given that Rexx can readily interface with other languages, this is not a problem. You can write your own program which the Rexx program will direct through parameters. There are products which have already done that work for you.

What is VSAM used for?

What is VSAM. VSAM or Virtual Storage Access Method is a file storage access method used in MVS, ZOS, and OS/390 operating systems. It was introduced by IBM in 1970’s. It’s a high-performance access method to organize data as files in mainframes.

Which is better VSAM or DB2?

To conclude this, DB2 is a more effective and far better option than using VSAM files. However, DB2 can handle large volumes of data and can be accessed from multiple platforms. DB2 replaces the VSAM files everywhere except where the processing data size is small.

Is VSAM faster than DB2?

So for huge data size Db2 is faster than VSAM because of lots of feautres which comes packed with DB2, sophisticated alogorithms etc.

Is VSAM a database?

The challenges of VSAM are straightforward – the business wants to leverage the data housed in VSAM, but it’s not a database. It’s a file management system. Loosely speaking, therefore, it is ‘closer to the disk’ than the database management system (DBMS) is.

Is VSAM still used?

VSAM is used primarily for applications. It is not used for source programs, JCL, or executable modules. VSAM files cannot be routinely displayed or edited with ISPF. You can use VSAM to organize records into four types of data sets: key-sequenced, entry-sequenced, linear, or relative record.

Is VSAM a relational database?

Our Automated VSAM Migration solution includes the generation of a new relational database to replace the functionality, redefinitions, type-of-record indicators, and other data element structures that are currently part of most VSAM files.

Does DB2 use VSAM?

DB2 Uses VSAM DB2 uses underlying VSAM linear data sets for its tablespaces. However, keep in mind that all control over that data is done by DB2.

What is the difference between VSAM and DB2?

VSAM and DB2 are very different technologies. VSAM is a file access method, while DB2 is a database management system (DBMS). VSAM, or Virtual Sequential Access Method, is a methodology for the indexed or sequential processing of records on direct access devices.