How do I record with both cameras on my Samsung?

You can take photos or record videos with both cameras….1. Double Side Camera

  1. Download and install the app on your phone. Give it permission to camera and mic. Download.
  2. Now change the camera layout from the settings by tapping on the clog icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Start recording by tapping on record button.

How do I enable dual camera?

Using the Dual camera mode

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Apps Key > Camera .
  2. Tap the Shot Mode icon > Dual camera.
  3. A small viewfinder box appears on the main viewfinder screen. Set up your shot. Drag the small viewfinder to move it where you want it in the shot.
  4. Tap the Capture button to take the combined picture.

How do you take dual pictures on a Samsung?

Navigate to Apps list, Tap Camera > Tap live focus icon > Tap Camera icon to take a photo > Select a photo taken with the dual capture feature > Tap the WIDE ANGLE at top of the screen > Tap the CLOSE UP > Tap more icon > Tap Save as new file.

What is Samsung dual capture?

Dual Capture is a feature in Live focus mode that is made possible by the dual rear cameras. It utilizes both the wide angle and telephoto cameras, allowing you to snap the whole scene even if you’re focusing on one part.

Can I use both cameras on Android?

The Dual Side camera is one of the best apps on PlayStore that can shoot videos from front and back cameras at the same time. Just follow these simple steps and you can also install and use this amazing app on your Android device: Download the DualSide camera from PlayStore or click here.

How does a dual camera work?

A dual camera offers two photo sensors instead of the standard one photosensor. The main camera takes high-quality colored images, as you’d expect. The second camera works to add more elements that the main sensor can’t do on its own.

How do I take dual pictures?

Here’s how your camera captures a double exposure in film cameras:

  1. Take your first photo. The camera shutter opens to expose the film to one image, then closes.
  2. Rewind the film and take your second photo.
  3. Develop both images in one photo.

What is the best dual camera app?

Best Dual Camera Apps For Android

  • Dual Camera. The Dual Camera is a mobile app that can help you take photos from the front and back camera at the same time.
  • Dual Camera – Portrait Mode, Bokeh, Selfies.
  • Smart Front Back Dual Camera.
  • Front Back Camera – Dual Selfie Camera.
  • AfterFocus.

How do I know if my dual camera is working?

Check if both lens are open and are working with the stock camera app. 3. If the company claims that the second camera is a monochrome sensor (without a color aray), switch the app to the monochrome sensor and then cover the RGB lens. If the viewfinder shows the object you covered the RGB lens then it is using the RGB.

Which Samsung phone has dual camera?

Thanks to Dual Capture, both wide-angle and telephoto cameras take a picture simultaneously, so you get both shots without having to hit the shutter again. Dual Capture is available on Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, Z Flip, Note10, Note10+, S10e, S10, S10+, Fold, Note9, and S9+.