How do I report a CNA license in California?

California Department of Public Health

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Can I renew my CNA license without working in California?

Take a competency evaluation test if you did not work. If your state offers this option, you are eligible if your license has not been expired for more than two years. The board will reactivate your license after you pass the evaluation.

What happens if my CNA license expires in California?

For those with California CNA certification that has expired in the past two years, they can complete an application for renewal. If the expiration is beyond two years, the California CNA must complete a 75-hour training and evaluation program approved by the state. Those with revoked certificates cannot renew.

Can you become a nurse with a felony in California?

There are no criminal convictions that are an absolute bar to nursing licensure. The Board may deny an applicant for any felony or for any misdemeanor convictions that are substantially related to the qualifications, functions or duties of a licensee.

How do I keep my CNA license active in Texas?

There is no expiration date on a Certified Nursing Assistant license in Texas. To keep the license current, the CNA must contact the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, Licensing and Credentialing Regulatory Services every two years to verify employment. The Department is a regulatory body for CNAs.

How long does it take to renew your CNA license in California?

A minimum of twelve (12) of the forty-eight (48) hours shall be completed in each year of the two (2) year certification period. A maximum of twenty-four (24) of the forty-eight (48) hours may be obtained only through a CDPH-approved online computer training program listed on our website.