How do I run a BeanShell script?

Download and Run BeanShell Download the latest JAR file from and start up BeanShell either in the graphical desktop mode or on the command line. If you just want to start playing around you may be able to launch the BeanShell desktop by simply double clicking on the BeanShell JAR file.

Is BeanShell a programming language?

BeanShell is a simple, small and modern programming language written in Java. BeanShell also provides a embeddable Java source interpreter.

Is BeanShell interpreter thread safe?

The Interpreter class is, in general, thread safe and allows you to work with threads, within the normal bounds of the Java language.

What is CTX in BeanShell?

ctx. ctx is the most powerful variable exposed to BeanShell. It represents the JMeterContext class, which is virtually JMeter itself. It provides read/write access to the underlying JMeter engine, samplers, and their results as well as variables/properties.

How do you write BeanShell in JMeter?

How to write data stored in jmeter variable to a CSV file. Use below lines of code inside a BeanShell postprocessor to write data in a CSV file. Data_Str = vars. get(“DataToWrite”); File_Path = vars.

What is BeanShell in JMeter?

Beanshell is one of the most advanced JMeter built-in components. It supports Java syntax and extends it with scripting features like loose types, commands, and method closures.

What is BeanShell scripting in JMeter?

How do you read a JMeter variable in BeanShell?

BeanShell vars. Create a sampler to request a product from the Amazon website. Then add a Post CSS/JQuery Extractor and extract the buying price. Whenever this request is executed, JMeter will create a variable on memory with the “Reference Name.” This variable is only available during that test.

What is a BeanShell sampler?

Beanshell Sampler – A standalone sampler. Beanshell PreProcessor – A pre-processor to another sampler that is executed before the sampler and can be used for prerequisite setup (i.e. to generate some input).