How do I see all indexes?

To see indexes for all tables within a specific schema you can use the STATISTICS table from INFORMATION_SCHEMA: SELECT DISTINCT TABLE_NAME, INDEX_NAME FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA. STATISTICS WHERE TABLE_SCHEMA = ‘your_schema’; Removing the where clause will show you all indexes in all schemas.

How does Oracle decide which index to use?

Oracle uses the sort space in memory allocated for the creator of the index (the amount for each user is determined by the initialization parameter SORT_AREA_SIZE ), but must also swap sort information to and from temporary segments allocated on behalf of the index creation.

How do you find the unique index of a table in Oracle?

To list only the indexes on a table, query the all_indexes view: SELECT index_name, index_type, uniqueness FROM all_indexes WHERE owner = UPPER(‘&owner’) AND table_name = UPPER(‘&table_name’);

How do I SELECT an index in SQL?

  1. The optimiser should use the index automatically if it will benefit the query. Look at the Execution Plan to determine what index is being used.
  2. In SQL Server, you don’t need to / don’t typically specify what index to use – SQL Server’s query optimizer will figure that out automatically.

How do I get a list of indexes in SQL Server?

You can use the sp_helpindex to view all the indexes of one table. And for all the indexes, you can traverse sys. objects to get all the indexes for each table. Only problem with this is that it only includes the index key columns, not the included columns.

How do I select an index in sql?

SELECT column_list FROM table_name WITH (INDEX (index_name) [.]); in sql server which I think is your case based on your error. As to whether the index will be picked up or not (both in oracle and sql server) will depend on a lot of other reasons. As the name indicates, it is just a hint to the optimizer.

How do I query an index in sql?

Its basic syntax is as follows. CREATE INDEX index_name on table_name (column1, column2); Whether to create a single-column index or a composite index, take into consideration the column(s) that you may use very frequently in a query’s WHERE clause as filter conditions.

How do I select an index in SQL?

When defining an index which of the columns should be selected?

Primary key columns are typically great for indexing because they are unique and are often used to lookup rows.