How do I select specific rows in R?

If you’d like to select multiple rows or columns, use a list of values, like this:

  1. students[c(1,3,4),] would select rows 1, 3 and 4,
  2. students[c(“stu1”, “stu2”),] would select rows named stu1 and stu2 .

How do I extract a value from a Dataframe in R?

Extract data frame cell value

  1. Extract value of a single cell: df_name[x, y] , where x is the row number and y is the column number of a data frame called df_name .
  2. Extract the entire row: df_name[x, ] , where x is the row number.
  3. Extract the entire column: df_name[, y] where y is the column number.

How do I subset a row in a Dataframe in R?

So, to recap, here are 5 ways we can subset a data frame in R:

  1. Subset using brackets by extracting the rows and columns we want.
  2. Subset using brackets by omitting the rows and columns we don’t want.
  3. Subset using brackets in combination with the which() function and the %in% operator.
  4. Subset using the subset() function.

How do you subset a Dataframe in R based on a vector?

If we have a vector and a data frame, and the data frame has a column that contains the values similar as in the vector then we can create a subset of the data frame based on that vector. This can be done with the help of single square brackets and %in% operator.

How do you extract values from a data frame?

  1. Loading the Dataset.
  2. Method 1: Extract Data using iloc or Indexing.
  3. Method 2: Extract Data using iat.
  4. Method 3: Extract Data using loc.
  5. Method 4: Extract Data using at.
  6. Method 5: Extract Data using data_frame.values[]
  7. Summary.

How do I extract a subset of data in R?

Subset a Data Frame with Base R Extract[] To specify a logical expression for the rows parameter, use the standard R operators. If subsetting is done by only rows or only columns, then leave the other value blank. For example, to subset the d data frame only by rows, the general form reduces to d[rows,] .

How do you subset data by value in R?

6 Ways of Subsetting Data in R

  1. Subset Using Brackets by Selecting Rows and Columns.
  2. Subset Using Brackets by Excluding Rows and Columns.
  3. Subset Using Brackets with which() Function.
  4. Subset Data with subset() Function.
  5. Subset Data in Combination of select() and filter() Functions.
  6. Subset a Random Sample with sample() Function.