How do I setup my BT wireless router?

What is Smart Setup on the BT Hub? How can I turn it on and off?

  1. Open a new web browser on a device connected to your Hub and type in the address bar.
  2. Click Smart Setup.
  3. Enter the admin password.
  4. Click the “On/off” button to turn Smart Setup on or off.

Can I connect my BT hub wirelessly?

All our Hubs have wi-fi as standard and it’s easy to connect a whole range of computers and devices to them. All you need is the Hub’s network name (SSID) and password.

Can I install BT Broadband myself?

So just fibre broadband FTTC Normally you do not need an engineer home visit just connect hub up as you have it and engineer makes connections at the street cabinet.

How do I setup my BT 4G Home Hub?

Connect your Hub to your computer via a cable or Wi-Fi connection. Launch a web browser and in the address bar, enter and press Enter. From the homepage, click Change your BT 4G Home Hub SSID and password. Enter your username and password then click Log In.

What is the wireless mode on BT Hub?

The BT Smart Hub allows you to tune your wireless features to give you the best performance with all your wireless devices. Your BT Smart Hub is automatically set to Mode 1.

What is wireless mode in router?

Wireless Router Mode(for home Internet sharing) With the router mode, it can share one wired Internet connection to several clients. At that time, there will be one WAN port. It supports multiple connection types, like Dynamic IP/Static IP/PPPoE/L2TP/PPTP.

Can I move my BT router to another room?

Re: Moving BT Home Hub 3.0 to another room You could just move the wires upstairs (2 minute job) and leave the downstairs socket as it is rather than replace the socket if you didn’t want to. If you do, you will need to use a filter downstairs to be able to connect the modem.

Do I need an engineer to install BT Broadband?

Do you always need an engineer for broadband installation? No, you don’t always need an engineer visit. If you’re switching broadband providers within the same network, (between BT Openreach providers, for example) and have all the connections in place, the switch can happen remotely.

How does BT broadband connect to my house?

With Full Fibre installation, we’ll upgrade the master phone socket (the white box on the wall) and install an Openreach modem (ONT), which connects to the fibre optical cable that comes into your house. The ONT enables you to get our fibre broadband and phone services, and connects to your BT Smart Hub.