How do I study for G1?

To get ready for your G1 Test, you can study for it by using the Ontario’s Official Driver Handbook. The handbook has all the rules of the road that you need to learn, and it also has tips for helping you become a better driver in general. You can buy the handbook: online through ServiceOntario.

Can you book a drivers test online?

The only way to book learner’s licence and driving licence tests as of 1st October 2018, is to go online to do it. Applicants have 3 days to confirm bookings, which should not include weekends and Public Holidays, but there have been some teething problems with that.

How do I study for G1 in Ontario 2021?

The faster, more effective way to prepare for the G1 written test.

  1. Get the Driver’s Handbook. Download the most recent version of the Ontario Driver’s Handbook so you can review the material and topics you need to learn for the G1 test.
  2. Take the Tests & Quizzes.
  3. Sit & Pass the G1 Test.

Is there a free practice written driving test in Ontario?

This free practice written driving test is a lesson that is essential for getting your Ontario driver’s license at your local licensing office. Please note, however, that this is not the actual test, and you will not receive your license if you pass this practice test.

Is the practice test enough to prepare for the driving test?

But not to worry. The practice test carries hundreds of test questions and several mock tests to allow you to cover every aspect of the road code so you can be fully prepared for entering the exam. The knowledge you learn from studying the driver knowledge test is directly applicable to driving.

Where can I take the driving test in my area?

Where to Take the Test. This test is available to take at your local DriveTest Centre. All of the locations offer a paper version of the test, and some of them also offer a computerized version of the test. If you prefer taking your test on the computer, contact your local center to verify that they offer this option.

Is it better to study for the drivers knowledge test online?

The online practice tests give you a better chance of passing. You have more options to study for the drivers knowledge test online than simply reading the manual. And they’re also more effective study tools than the manual. There are 22 topics covered in the driving test questions.