How do I track a package on U-Pack?

Track your move Please enter your 10-digit U-Pack Reference Number or ABF Tracking Number and email address to track your U-Pack move.

How fast does U-Pack deliver?

three business days
Here’s what you need to know about delivery to your door: You get up to three business days to load and three business days to unload. You’ll need to secure parking before moving day.

How long do you have to unpack U-Pack?

How much time do I have to load or unload my goods? While there are some exceptions (in places like New York City and Boston), in most cases you can have up to 3 business days to load and then 3 business days to unload. If you need less time, just call the local service center when you’re ready to schedule pick up.

Is it faster to pack or unpack?

Tempting as it may be to put off unpacking boxes, just dive in and take it one box at a time. Unpacking goes faster than packing.

How long does it take for Pitney Bowes to deliver a package?

3 to 5 days
How long does Pitney Bowes take to deliver a parcel? Pitney Bowes offers different types of delivery services, which guarantee different delivery times. The economical services guarantee a delivery time of 3 to 5 days, regardless of the destination, and the size of the package.

What can fit in a U-Pack?

Any standard-size mattress will fit inside a ReloCube. Standard mattress sizes are: Crib mattress: 28″ x 52″ Twin mattress: 39″ x 75″

How does U Pack Moving work?

You Save. U-Pack is the long-distance moving service that makes staying on budget easy. You pay only for the space you use, so you know the exact price as you load. With flexible service options like door-to-door delivery, storage and guaranteed transit, you get a move that fits both your needs and your budget.

How do I contact Upack about a move?

If any of these apply, give us a call or email [email protected] to discuss your options. If any of these apply to your move, we’ll help you complete the process over the phone. Please call or email [email protected] with additional questions. Login to the MyMove dashboard to review your moving details or change your reservation.

Why Choose U-Pack for long distance moving?

U-Pack offers door-to-door moves for homes of all sizes. Through our two equipment options we can provide long-distance moving service for almost any situation. Experience a PPM move where you don’t have to drive — and maybe keep some of your reimbursement! Get quick delivery and 24/7 shipment tracking. We make moving across the country easy.

Why let U-Pack Ship your belongings to campus?

Let U-Pack ship your belongings to campus so you can focus on your new adventure. Focus your energy on getting settled into your new career — we’ll take care of moving your stuff.