How do I transfer pictures from my LG Xpression to my computer?

Transfer media to & from computer

  1. Insert the microUSB end of the microUSB cable into the port at the side of the device.
  2. Insert the USB end of the microUSB cable into an open USB port on the computer.
  3. On the computer, click Start.
  4. Click Computer.
  5. Open the device drive.
  6. Click the desired option.
  7. Click the desired folder.

When did the LG Xpression come out?


Launch Announced 2012, April. Released 2012, April
Status Discontinued

Does LG Xpression Plus have a removable battery?

REMOVE BACK COVER & BATTERY: Remove the back cover by inserting your thumbnail into the notch at the bottom left of the back of the device and lifting up. Remove the battery by gently pulling up from the notch on the bottom.

How do I reset my LG Xpression 3?

Release the Power/Lock button when you see the LG Xpression Plus 3 logo, then immediately press and hold the Power/Lock button again. Keep the Volume down button held down during this process. 2. Release both buttons when you see Factory data reset at the top of the screen.

Is the LG Xpression 4G?

Learn your device’s SIM card type, operating frequencies, physical characteristics, storage, and more. Note: Limited 4G LTE availability in select markets.

How do you put a SIM card in a LG Xpression 2?

Insert or remove the Nano SIM card into the SIM tray with the gold contacts facing down and the notched edge on the upper right. Gently press the SIM card in until it clicks into place. Insert or remove the microSD card into the SIM tray with the gold contacts facing down and the notched edge on the bottom right.

How do I unfreeze my LG Xpression plus 3?

Press and hold the Power/Lock button, then select Restart > RESTART. Note: If you are unable to access the screen to ‘Restart’ the device or if it becomes unresponsive, press and hold the Volume down and Power/Lock buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds, until the device restarts.

How do I reset my LG Xpression plus 3?

How do you close apps on LG Xpression plus 3?

View or Close Running Apps

  1. ACCESS RECENT APPS: Select the Recent apps key.
  2. OPEN AN APP: Select the desired app.
  3. SWITCH BETWEEN APPS: Scroll to and select the desired app.
  4. CLOSE AN APP: Select the X icon on the desired app.

Is an LG Xpression a 3G?

LG Xpression C395 – 3G feature phone – microSD slot – LCD display – 400 x 240 pixels – rear camera 2 MP – AT – red.