How do I use a component interface in PeopleSoft?

Configuring Component Interface Security for PeopleSoft Version 8.1x

  1. From the Use menu, select Permission Lists, Component Interface, and then click Update/Display.
  2. Select the relevant permission list and click OK.
  3. Insert the new component interface that you created.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Select the desired level of access.

How do I create a component interface in PeopleSoft?

Open the PeopleSoft Application Designer. On the File menu, click New. In the New dialog box, select Component Interface, and then click OK. In the Select Source Component for Component Interface window, select the component to use as a basis for the component interface, and then click Select.

What is component interfacing?

Component interfaces encapsulate PeopleSoft data and business processes, and they hide the details of the structure and implementation of the underlying page and data. The actual interface consists of a set of clearly defined properties and methods that follow an object-oriented programming model.

What is a PeopleSoft component?

Understanding Component Definitions A component represents a complete business transaction. It comprises either a single page or a set of pages that is meant to be processed as one page. After you create pages, you add them to one or more components to access them through menus or in business processes.

Why do we use component interface in PeopleSoft?

A component interface enables exposure of a PeopleSoft component (a set of pages grouped together for a business purpose) for synchronous access from another application (such as PeopleCode, Java, C/C++, COM, or XML).

How do you test a component interface in PeopleSoft?

Searching Component Interfaces to Test

  1. Open the component interface in PeopleSoft Application Designer.
  2. Select Tools > Test Component Interface from the PeopleSoft Application Designer menu. The Component Interface Tester search dialog box appears.
  3. Enter key values.

How do you call a component interface in PeopleCode?

To generate a PeopleCode template for a component interface:

  1. Open the desired component interface definition in PeopleSoft Application Designer.
  2. Insert the component interface into a project.
  3. Open the PeopleCode editor.
  4. Select the component interface from the project workspace.

What are standard properties when a component interface is created?

Standard properties are assigned automatically when a component interface is created. This means, you do not have to do anything to create these. They usually can be set to either true or false and are not displayed in the Application Designer.

What are the four components of an interface?

An interface standard consists of four parts or components: the electrical component, the mechanical component, the functional component, and the procedural component.

What are the components that are not allowed in interface?

An interface thus cannot contain constants, fields, operators, constructors, destructors, static constructors, or types. Also an interface cannot contain static members of any kind.

What is CI in PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft Component Interface (CI) exposes a PeopleSoft Component for synchronous access to other applications written in PeopleCode, Java or C++. We can consider CI as the means by which PeopleSoft enforces encapsulation by limiting external access to just what is made available through the CI and nothing more.

How do you test CI in PeopleSoft?