How do I view MS Project in SharePoint?

Step 1: When you are in the Microsoft Project file, navigate to File and click Save As.

  1. Step 2: Under Save and Sync, you should select the option to Sync with SharePoint.
  2. Step 3: On the right hand side, you will see some fields under Sync with SharePoint Tasks.
  3. Step 4: Click Save.

Is MS Project compatible with SharePoint?

mpp project file with Microsoft SharePoint users. This feature is available to use with SharePoint Server 2013, SharePoint Server 2016, SharePoint Server 2019, and SharePoint Online through Project Professional 2013, Project Professional 2016, Project Professional 2019, and Project for Office 365.

How can I view MS Project files without Project?

If you don’t have Project installed, consider the following options for viewing a project plan. Project Web Access If your organization is using Microsoft Project Web App, you can ask the project manager to publish the project and then give you permission to view the project.

How do I sync MS Project to SharePoint?

Sync with a new SharePoint site

  1. In Project, choose File > Save.
  2. Select Sync with SharePoint, and in the Sync with list, select New SharePoint Site.
  3. In the Project name box, type a name.
  4. In the Site Address list, add the address of the SharePoint tasks list that you will sync to.
  5. Choose Save.

How do I sync MPP to SharePoint?

Open the MPP. Click File > Save As. Choose “Sync with SharePoint”. In the “Sync with SharePoint Tasks List” section, choose “Existing SharePoint Site” under “Sync with”, type in the address of the site where you or your Site Owner created the Task List (yes, the Task List must already exist), then click “Verify Site”.

How do I publish Microsoft Project to SharePoint?

SharePoint task list projects are automatically available to those who have access to the project site. On the Schedule page for the project, click the Task tab, and then, in the Project group, click Publish. The project is saved and then published.

How do I add a project to SharePoint?

On the Quick Launch, click Site Contents. Under Subsites, click New Subsite. Under Title and Description, give the new project site a Title that corresponds with the name of the project, and provide a brief Description of the site.