How do you beat big game huntin with Jimbo?

After talking to Jimbo, he will offer to sell you items. Buy a book titled “Hunter’s Guide to South Park Wildlife,” with which Jimbo will then task you with hunting and killing seven of the most dangerous creatures in and around South Park. To do so, he gives you various items to coax the creatures out of hiding.

Where do I get Jimbo’s key?

Once you kill all of the animals, return to Jimbo. He and Ned will become your friends. You will also receive a key to Jimbo’s stash. It is in the attic.

Where is the mutant bacteria stick of truth?

The School is big. You’ll find the Mutant Bacteria in the basement of the School, within its Boiler Room. Head down here during the invasion of the School and use the Rubbing Alcohol on the petri dish that’s overflowing with green goo. The Mutant Bacteria will attack.

Should I pick Kyle or Cartman?

it doesn’t matter one way or the other who you side with. I think it’s better to side with Kyle if you watch the show you see Cartman is kind of an #@%@#$. Then again meh, it doesn’t really matter outside of maybe or or two different lines in the future of the game.

How do you get Jimbo’s wallet?

Head to Jimbo’s Guns on Day 2 in-game. When you speak to Jimbo at the counter, he will tell you that he has lost his wallet. He needs your help to find it. Inside Peppermint Hippo, go to the second table located on the left of the main lounge and the wallet will be located there.

How do you get Jimmy’s house key?

You need to cut through the tons of trash and use the probe to teleport; The key to Stoley’s parent’s bedroom you will find it behind the hole in the fence, next to Jimmy’s house.

How do I get to the bloodsucking fruit bat?

The Bloodsucking Fruit Bat is also in the sewer. Enter the sewer through the entrance in front of the Movie Theatre if you’ve opened it beforehand, or go through the sewers the long way to get into the Crab People Cave, then go to the southeast passage and place the Blood Orange on a piece of crap to lure it out.

Does Kenny like Cartman?

Cartman and Kenny’s relationship has been rocky at times, but they always return to their close friendship status, playing with toys or hanging out at Casa Bonita together. Cartman has considered the both of them to be best friends on multiple occasions, both for selfish and selfless reasons.