How do you beat the Molgera in wind Waker?

Once the tongue is near Link he can then attack it with the hookshot. After enough hits Molgera will retreat into the sand and send smaller versions after him. The hookshot can be used to pull these up from the sand, and then use the sword to defeat them.

How do I get Makar out of the cage?

To free Makar, equip your Iron Boots and use the Hookshot on the large stone head that’s blocking the entrance. It will shatter, giving you access to a treasure chest with a Joy Pendant and Makar. Use the Command Melody and fly Makar over to the west opening (the one with the two pillars).

What is the boss for the Wind Temple?

Boss: Molgera Meet Molgera. Wondering how to beat this giant sand creature? Read on. Lock on and fire the Hookshot at its tongue, then slash at it with your sword.

How much damage does a Molduga do?

A Molduga can kill you with just one hit, even if you have many hearts, so it’s worth preparing before you even begin the fight. You can’t guarantee a hitless battle, so here’s what we suggest: Equip your most powerful armor. Molduga attacks deliver a shocking amount of damage, but strong armor can absorb some of the.

How many bosses are there in wind Waker?

There are eight full-fledged boss battles in the Wind Waker quest, in addition to some mid-dungeon and larger monsters, such as Big Octo or Mothula.

Where is the ghost ship wind Waker?

According to the Ghost Ship Chart, the Ghost Ship appears in these locations:

  • Full Moon – Crescent Moon Island.
  • Waning Gibbous – Diamond Steppe Island.
  • First Quarter – Star Belt Archipelago.
  • Waning Crescent – Spectacle Island.
  • Waxing Crescent – Five-Star Isles.
  • Third Quarter – Bomb Island.
  • Waxing Gibbous – Greatfish Isle.

How much HP does Ganon have?

Show activity on this post. The blight gannons only actually have 800 hp, as confirmed by the complete official guide, expanded edition, the lynels have: red is 2,000. blue is 3,000. white maned is 4,000.