How do you calculate the heat rejection of a cooling tower?

  1. Range = Entering Water Temperature – Leaving Water Temperature.
  2. Approach = Leaving Water Temperature – Ambient Wet-Bulb Temperature.
  3. Heat Rejected by a Cooling Tower:
  4. BTUH = (Flow) X (Range) X 500 X (SG) X (SH)
  5. Refrigeration Tons:
  6. Tons =
  7. Cooling Tower Tons:
  8. Tons =

What is the formula of heat rejection?

Total heat of rejection (THR) is equal to net refrigeration effect (RE) at the evaporator (compressor capacity) plus the energy input into the refrigerant by the compressor (heat of compression).

What is heat rejection in cooling tower?

Heat rejection is the excess heat from a cooling system and starts when the cooling tower heat load is reached. Heat rejection is the total amount of heat energy which is transferred from the cool side to the warm side, plus the work carried out by the compressor.

How is cooling tower heat load calculated?

Measuring Cooling Tower Heat Loads Using the formula of GPM X TD X 500 yields: 100 X (85-78) X 500 becomes 100 X 7 X 500 = 350,000 BTU/Hr. Therefore, the heat load on the oven is 350,000 BTU/Hr.

What is total heat of rejection?

TOTAL HEAT OF REJECTION (THR) is the heat rejected by refrigeration system compressors at design conditions, consisting of the design cooling capacity plus the heat of compression added by the compressors.

What is heat rejection factor?

Heat rejected in the condenser is always more than heat absorbed in the evaporator. So, the heat rejection factor in vapour compression refrigeration system will be more than one.

What is the heat rejection rate?

What is heat rejection ratio?

This ratio gives the heat rejected in the Condenser per unit load of Refrigeration handled by the Evaporator. In other words, when we say that HRF is 1.2, it means that for every tonne of refrigeration load handled by the evaporator, the condenser will have to reject heat equivalent to 1.2 tonne.

What percentage of heat is rejected during subcooling?

Approximately 5% of the heat is rejected during subcooling.

What is meant by COC in cooling tower?

What is COC meaning? COC or the Cycles Of Concentration is an abbreviation, used when talking about cooling water or cooling tower water. The COC specifies, how often a fresh water added into the loop, can be used or pumped around, before the water has to blown down or bleed off from the cooling tower.