How do you cheat on ShellShock?

Enter these codes at the main menu for the desired effect:

  1. freedelivery – Add Weapon.
  2. noescape – God Mode.
  3. norealguns – Infinite Ammo.
  4. inapurplehaze – Psychedelic Mode.
  5. kensentme – Unlock missions and gallery.

How do you get free tank coins in ShellShock live 2?

Tank Coins

  1. By visiting the game 3 days in a row.
  2. By completing certain tasks.
  3. This is the primary way to unlock tank coins, buying them with PayPal.
  4. Completing Surveys/Offers.
  5. Boxes. 1-2 awarded if found in boxes, although this is not recommended due to very low chance of finding them and very low amount per box.

What is a aimbot ruler?

The majority of the community agree that the Aimbot Ruler is a tool that is used to take advantage of the game so that you can NEVER miss a shot. Though there are a lot of people who defend the AIMBOT ruler, but totally go against CSGO aimbotting, etc.

How do you get invincible in Shell Shockers?

Invincibility. While playing, hit ESC to pause the game and type in “RATTY RAT RATTY”.

How do you get the skull wand in Shell Shockers?

Exclusive to The Skull Wand is a Weapon Skin for the Cluck 9mm pistol. It is like a pirate themes skin. The skin can be unlocked by playing Cubic Castles ( and reaching level 4. Upon doing so, the player will receive a notification with a code that can be redeemed in Shell Shockers and used.

What is the max level in ShellShock live?

The maximum level is 100.

Do XP farms work in ShellShock?

XP Farms, on the other hand, tend to have <1.00x XP Multipliers. This is usually 50% worse than most TDMs, meaning any TDMs you find will tend to give you more XP than these XP Farms. In other words, XP Farms are literally the most pointless and worthless thing you could do in ShellShock.