How do you conjugate Wehtun?

Verb forms in Present of wehtun

  1. ich tue weh (1st PersonSingular)
  2. du tust weh (2nd PersonSingular)
  3. er tut weh (3rd PersonSingular)
  4. wir tun weh (1st PersonPlural)
  5. ihr tut weh (2nd PersonPlural)
  6. sie tun weh (3rd PersonPlural)

Is weh tun dative?

(He gave her a gold ring.) gehören → Das gehört mir. (That belongs to me.) weh tun → Mir tun die Augen weh….Dative verbs.

Nominative Accusative Dative
es es ihm

Is Gefallen a dative?

In addition to the single-word English translation, many dative verbs can be translated with a to-phrase: antworten, to give an answer to; danken, to give thanks to; gefallen, to be pleasing to; etc. This favorite grammar trick of many German teachers does not always hold up (as with folgen, to follow).

How do you use Wehtun in German?

While wehtun means “to hurt”, it literally translates to “sore-do,” as in “something or someone is making me feel sore”. You can use wehtun in many variations, because the words weh and tun can be separated and spread throughout a sentence.

Is Gehoren Dativ?

The verb “gehören” means “belong to” or “to be owned”. Also, a Dative object follows this verb. We can use it without or with the preposition “zu” (to) that comes before a Dative object as well. With the same logic that applies to “schmecken”, we are also the indirect object in a sentence with “gehören”.

How do you use Wehtun in a sentence?

Example sentences from external sources for “wehtun” (not checked by the Langenscheidt editorial team)

  1. Tom didn’t want to hurt Mary. Tom wollte Maria nicht wehtun.
  2. It’s going to really hurt if I don’t take that off. Okay.
  3. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to wait for a few more minutes.

What is the meaning Augentropfen in English?

eye drops
British English: eye drops /ˈaɪ ˌdrɒps/ NOUN. Eye drops are a kind of medicine that you put in your eyes one drop at a time.